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Petone Settlers Data

This database lets users access primary and secondary source data relating to arrivals from the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and Australia to Wellington (Wellington only and Wellington as first port of call) between 1839-1897.

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Details for Record #3319
Family Name BRAMWELL
Gender M
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Date of Death
Place of Death
Record Source NZCOCABIN
Other Details
Type of passenger C
Title MR
Related People
Voyage Number 1
Is NZCO Voyage? Yes
Vessel Name WILL WATCH
Filename of text file WILL0101
                                :Will Watch, 251 Tons, (Captain Walker)

- One of the three vessels assigned by the New Zealand Company 
  specifically to the establishment of Nelson was the Will Watch.

- The other two vessels were the Whitby and Arrow.

- The Will Watch carried 45 labourers, (Wives of thes men did not 
  travel on this voyage).  They were paid an allowance by the Company,
  and travelled to Nelson on board the infamous and ill-fated Lloyds.

- The Will Watch sailed from Gravesend on April 27th, 1841, and from 
  Downs April 28th, 1841.  - The same day as the Whitby.

- The vessel arrived at Port Nicholson on September 8th, 1841.

- October 2, 1841, the Will Watch departed from Port Nicholson 
  for Cook Strait.

- Arrived at Nelson November 4, 1841.

Filename of text file WILL0102
Document: Dated, 21 April, 1841
          By 'Richards and Woods & Co.
             'Export Ironmongers & Manufacturers of Colonial 
              Implements Etc.'

          List of associated Goods Supplied
           e.g.  1 x Bench Vice    7/6
                 3 x Sets of Beach Splitting Wedges  28/6
                 4 x Pair Blacksmiths Tongs  9/-
                 2 x Pairs of Pinchers  3/-
                 1 x Tin Tea Kettle
                 1 x Coffee Roaster
                25 x Best Spades - assd.- large
                 2 x Bundles - assd. - cast & shear steel for tools

Document: Dated 23 April, 1841
          Re List of 'Instruments' supplied on board the vessel.
           e.g.  1 x 6 inch Theodolite
                 1 x Day & Night Telescope
                 2 x Box Sextants
                 2 x Optical Squares
                 1 x Paper Protractor
                 7 x Prismatic Compasses
                 2 x 1 foot Rolling Parallels
                 1 x Pentograph
                 1 x Computing Scales
                 1 x Beam Compass

Document: Dated, 1 Dec. 1841, Signed by Arthur Wakefield at Nelson.
          - Certifying that the Captain of the vessel met all of the
            Conditions required by the New zealand Company and that
            all the Passengers were Victualled by the Owners of the 

Date of departure 1841-04-28
Notes FROM GRAVESEND 27/04/1841 & DOWNS 28/04/1841.,ARRIVED NELSON 4/11/1841|
Ports of loading GRAVESEND
Ports of loading DOWNS
Time of departure 16:00
Date of arrival 1841-09-08
Ports of discharge WELLINGTON
Ports of discharge NELSON
Surgeon MR. BECKS
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There are over one thousand vessel/voyages held within the database. The system not only includes information about each voyage, including shipping lists.

The database also includes over 600 supplied family history files, containing photographs of individuals or families that were physically on board the vessel at the time of arrival in Wellington.

The original form of this database was developed in 1990 and has been available for use by the public at the Petone Settlers Museum since 1994. The system was updated to allow improved access in 2006 thanks to the support of the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board and Hutt City Council.

Currently there are four major emigration periods for which data may be accessed.  These are:

  1. The New Zealand Company Period (1839 - 1850)
  2. The Provincial Government [Wellington] Period (1853 - 1870)
  3. Vogel Government Period (1871 - 1888)
  4. Social Security Period (1886 - 1910 - records currently finished at 1897)
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