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Register a new dog

Use this form to this form to apply to register your new dog with Hutt City Council, or to transfer your dog's registration from another area.

Dog registration form

* Title
Do you own this property?
Do you own this property?

* Enter at least one telephone number

* Sex of Dog
* Has your dog been desexed?
* Is this dog registered with another Council?
* Do you currently have Responsible Dog Owner status with Hutt City Council?

Other Dogs?

* Do you currently, or have you ever, had a dog registered with Hutt City Council?
Please specify which style of tag you would like (subject to availability):

In signing and sending this application to Hutt City Council, I declare that I, the person submitting the form and the signatory below, am the owner of, and responsible for, the dog described in this form. 

I hereby certify that:

- the above information is true and correct
- I have read and understood the Dog Owner Responsibilities
- I understand the consequences of not registering my dog
- I understand if my dog breaches any bylaws I will be liable for infringement fines
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