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Building and resource consents

We’re here to help you to do things the right way and get all the information you need.

You can now save time and apply for your consents online.

Find out what you need to do if you're thinking of building a fence.

Advice and information about building a tiny house in Lower Hutt.

Building and resource consent compliance issues are not always our responsibility. They may be the responsibility of the police, another government agency, or they may need to resolved between neighbours.

Constructing, altering, demolishing or removing a building? You might require a building consent. Note: We are currently experiencing record numbers of resource consent and building consent applications. Your patience is appreciated as we continue doing all we can to support our local construction industry in a timely and efficient way. Note:

Find a list of recently issued building and resource consents

Improve a building’s ability to withstand the effects of earthquakes – and the safety of those in and around it.

Check out the fees that apply to building and resource consents.

Get free advice on how to make your house warm, dry, healthy and energy efficient - and save money too!

Request an inspection, see our Eco Design advisor or register for an assessment of your home's earthquake resistance.

Planning to put a pool on your property? Find out about safety barriers, pool inspections and how and when they need to happen.

When managed correctly, construction and demolition (C&D) waste can be recovered and re-used.

If your project is likely to affect the environment, you may need a resource consent.

These links and resources can help you with preparing and applying for a building or resource consent.

We're subject to the same building legislation we're tasked with implementing in our community.

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