Premises registration and licences

Some businesses serving the public may need to register with us to operate.

Amusement device

If you are planning to operate an amusement device such as a ferris wheel, the operator is required to obtain a permit from us.

Camping ground registration

If you are planning to open a camping ground/s or are purchasing an existing camping ground you will need to register with us.

Hairdresser salon registration

If you are planning to open a new hairdressing salon or take over an existing hairdressing salon you need to register with us. You will need to renew your registration annually.

Mortuary and/or funeral director registration

If you have an existing mortuary/funeral director business, or plan to start up a new business as a mortuary/funeral director, you need to register with us.

Offensive trade registration

If you are starting up, taking over or renewing a registration for an offensive trade premises, such as sanitary disposal units, wheelie rubbish bins, and refuse collection businesses, you will need a registration certificate.

Street musicians licence

If you are planning to be a street musician (a busker) you need to gain a permit from us and act in accordance with any conditions set.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for premise registration and licences.

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