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Alcohol licence public notices

Applications for alcohol licences (new, renewal, and variations) are required by law to be publicly notified.

Alcohol public notices are only allowed to be advertised on this website or in the Hutt News. Check both of these places for the latest notices.

  Public notices

This table lists the applications for On-Licence, Off-Licence and Club Licences that have been publicly notified.

Applicant name Trading name Address Type of licence Notification date
Northern Frontier Limited Eastbourne Four Square 10 Oroua Street, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt Renewal off-licence 10 September 2020
NZL Hutt Park Limited Hutt Park Hotel 9-11 Randwick Road, Moera, Lower Hutt Renewal on-licence 15 September 2020
Jill & Chill Investments Limited T.K's 184 Gracefield Road, Gracefield, Lower Hutt New on-licence 15 September 2020
Triple D Limited Bellevue Gardens Hotel 140-150 Woburn Road, Lower Hutt New on-licence 25 September 2020
Nine Bays hospitality Ltd Days Bay Pavillion 611B Marine Drive, Days Bay, Lower Hutt Renewal on-licence 29 September 2020
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