Roads and parking

Find out how we look after and administer roads and parking in Lower Hutt.

We manage all parking services in Lower Hutt.

Plan a roadwork or any kind of road-related activity or find out about road works in progress.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Learn how we help make our roads safer for everyone.

Find out all about roadside advertising, closing roads for events, or putting up signage at election time.

Here's what you need to know if you're planning to use a skip or a container on or near a public road. You may need a permit.

Find out what to do if the streetlights are out in your area and who fixes them.

If you’re planning a parade or a street event that will close a public road, you need to have a temporary road closure permit.

You may need to get special permission to drive a large vehicle on our roads.

To improve vehicle access to your property, you may want to put in a crossing or ‘run-up’ across the footpath and kerb.

We carry out weed control throughout the city's public roads as a preventative maintenance programme.

Fees and charges for overstaying parking fines, signage and roadwork related costs.

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