An Integrated Vision

Find out what we're doing to make Lower Hutt a city where everyone thrives.

Our vision is to make Lower Hutt a city where everyone thrives.

We want a city where our people are proud to live, where working and investing here is a smart choice, and where there’s always something for our families to explore.

The Integrated Vision identifies the strengths and aspirations of our communities, identifies the contribution that each makes to the city and the region, and proposes opportunities for them to further develop.

Four key strategies have been developed that define and illustrate this vision:

A set of assumptions are specified in our Integrated Vision that introduce the key concepts in these four Strategies.

They include:

  • building on the existing strengths of our community
  • applying economic development and environmental sustainability principles
  • rationalising costs through partnerships and integration
  • developing our regional and sub-regional destinations
  • asset renewal
  • enhancing social connections.

These Strategies provide short-, mid- and long-term goals and targets that will ensure that our nine community outcomes are met to a very high standard.