Change 53

Find out about the proposed Private District Plan Change 53: Stratton Street, Normandale – Rezoning to Rural Residential Activity Area.

About this plan change

Hutt City Council accepted a request from Urban Edge Limited for a proposed change to the City of Lower Hutt District Plan.

The proposed plan change is to rezone 190, 236 and 268 Stratton Street, Normandale from the General Rural Activity Area to the Rural Residential Activity Area. The purpose of the plan change is to provide for additional rural residential development at a scale similar to surrounding rural residential areas.

Read the Plan Change Document (PDF 4.1 Mb)

The steps for processing a proposed change to a district plan are set by Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Read Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act

The propsoed plan change was publicly notified on 14 January 2020. The submission period closed on 12 February 2020. Seven submissions were received.

The summary of decisions requested by submitters was then publicly notified on 17 March 2020. The further submission period closed on 31 March 2020. Three further submissions were received.

In response to issues raised by submitters and further submitters on the proposed plan change, the requestor for the proposed plan change has amended the provisions of the proposed.

At its 16 December 2021, Hutt City Council approved the Plan Change 53, as recommended by the Independent Hearing Panel for the plan change.

Read the Public Notice of the Decision (PDF 104 Kb)

The person who requested the plan change as well as any person who has made a submission on the plan change may appeal Council’s decision to the Environment Court. Such appeals must be in the prescribed form and lodged with the Environment Court within 30 working days of service of the notice of Council’s decision in accordance with Clause 14 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act