Our policies

Policies are our principles, rules and guidelines that we follow to make our city great. Read them here.

NameDocument IDSize
Appointment and Remuneration of Directors Policy.PDFLEG-POL-00865.8 KB
Arts and Culture Policy 2016 - 2021.PDFSP-POL-009452.9 KB
Class 4 Gaming Venue and Board Venue Policy.PDFSP-POL-00166.7 KB
Commercial Use of Land Managed as Reserves Policy 2004.PDFDOC/15/36548200.6 KB
Community Halls Policy 2007.PDFDOC/15/3655292.8 KB
Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.PDFSP-POL-00379.0 KB
Development Contributions and Financial Contributions Policy 2021-2031.PDFSP-POL-0025.2 MB
Dog Control Policy 2015.PDFDOC/16/1669792.0 KB
Financial Delegation Policy.PDFFIN-POL-023223 KB
Earthquake-Prone Buildings Policy 2019-1,728 KB
Encroachment and Disposal Policy On Reserves.PDFPG-POL-008161.3 KB
Flying Drones (UAVs) over Hutt City Council Land Policy.PDFPG-POL-010117.9 KB
Heritage Policy 2021.PDFSP-POL-010478.5 KB
Hutt City Council CCTV and Wearable Camera Guideline.PDFCI-GDL-003193.9 KB
Local Alcohol Policy.PDFSP-POL-005124.0 KB
Local Approved Products Policy August 2016.PDFDOC/16/120914461.7 KB
Maori Land Rates Remission Policy.PDFSP-POL-00830.3 KB
Parking Policy.PDFSP-POL-011658.0 KB
Pencarrow Coast Road Policy for Vehicle Use.PDFPG-POL-00975.1 KB
Private Use of HCC Land Policy.PDFPG-POL-001159.6 KB
Procurement Policy.PDFFIN-POL-025233 KB
Rates Postponement Policy 2020.PDFDOC/20/33902180.1 KB
Rates Remission Policy v2.1 July 2020.PDFFIN-POL-021158.3 KB
Rating Sales Policy - June 2021.PDFDOC/21/61080166.8 KB
Recycling Bins Policy.PDFRAS-POL-00489.6 KB
Revenue and Financing Policy 2021.PDFSP-POL-006541.9 KB
RTC-POL-001 Mowing of Berms.PDFRTC-POL-0011.3 MB
Sensitive Expenditure Policy June 2022.PDFFIN-POL-020248 KB
Significance and Engagement Policy 2021-2031.PDFSP-POL-004365.4 KB
Smokefree Outdoor Public Policy.PDFDOC/19/139092673.9 KB
Treasury Risk Management Policy.PDFFIN-POL-002358 KB