Application for responsible dog owner status


Privacy information

We need to collect the following information about you before we can review your application for responsible dog owner status.

We are required to collect this information under the Dog Control Act 1996.

This information is used register you as a responsible dog owner. Information you provide to us in this way is kept securely in Hutt City Council information systems and only accessed by the appropriate teams. When submitting payment via POLi or Credit Card, you will need to provide further information to POLi or Windcave to complete your payment. You can read POLi’s privacy statement here. You can read Windcave’s privacy statement here.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact the Hutt City Council Information Management team.

Application information

Hutt City Council wants to encourage and support responsible dog ownership, so we offer a reduced dog registration fee for people who can show they are responsible dog owners.

To apply to become a Responsible Dog Owner, you’ll need to complete this form and pay the one-off application fee of $70

Animal Services will then check your application, inspect your property to ensure that your fences and gate meet the criteria, and let you know whether your application has been successful.

For the discount to take effect in your next annual invoice, you must submit this form and pay by 30 April of that year. Applications and payment received after 30 April will be processed from August onwards, and any approved discount will be applied to the following year's registration period.

When you click 'Pay and submit application', you can choose to pay by credit card or POLi (which will take you to your own bank's internet banking site).

If you don't proceed to payment, or your payment is unsuccessful, we won’t receive your application. If you have any enquiries you can contact the Animal Services team.

Please enter details and submit to apply

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(if you have more than one dog, please add names of the other dogs here)

I consider that I meet the following criteria:

  1. I am aware of my obligations as a dog owner under the Dog Control Act 1996 and Hutt City Council Control of Dog Bylaws.
  2. I agree to comply at all times with the Dog Control Act 1996 and Hutt City Council Control of Dog Bylaws.
  3. Registration fees for my dog/s has/have been paid by 31 July each year.
  4. The area of the property that my dog/s has/have access to is fully fenced and gated.
  5. Persons entering the property have free access without encountering the dog/s.
  6. My dog/s is/are currently vaccinated and has/have regular vet checks.
  7. My dog/s is/are microchipped.

If asked, I can demonstrate to an Animal Control Officer:

  • My dog/s can be controlled on and off the leash, and in different situations.

I understand if I move address within Lower Hutt, I must contact Animal Services to transfer my RDO status to my new address.

I have not:

  • received a conviction under the Dog Control Act 1996 (including 2003 amendment).
  • received an infringement notice for the behaviour of any dog in my care within the past year.
  • had a dog impounded in the last year.
  • had a substantiated public complaint about the behaviour of any dog in my care over the past year.

In submitting this application, I declare that I meet and will continue to meet the criteria listed on this form.

I understand that Council will take the submission of a false declaration, or evidence that I am not complying with the Dog Control Act 1996, the Animal Welfare Act 2012, or the Hutt City Council Control of Dog Bylaws, very seriously and that it may result in:

  1. Prosecution or other court action.
  2. An infringement fee being issued.
  3. Cancellation of and inability to reapply for my RDO status for a minimum of two years.

Hutt City Council does not refund an RDO application in the event of it being unsuccessful. However, refunds may be granted on an individual basis after discussion with Hutt City Council Animal Services, for example if overpayment has occurred.

Once you have successfully paid for your RDO application, the application will proceed and you can only cancel it by discussion with a Hutt City Council Animal Services Officer.