Local Community Projects Fund

Find out about Council's community funding panels in the Central, Eastern, Northern and Western ward communities and how to apply.

About the fund

This is a non-contestable fund. Each community funding panel has $114,000 every three years to give out to eligible projects. Current funds need to be given to communities by the end of July 2022.

How decisions are made

Each Community Funding Panel decides what projects to support within their ward. They will agree a process for finding out what community projects should be supported.

Approval of spending must be by resolution of each Panel at a formal meeting and with pre-approval from Council's Corporate Leadership Team.

How to apply

If you have a community project of an idea get in touch with your local Community Funding Panel representative. Contacts are listed below.

Guidelines and criteria

  • To be used to fund one or more local community projects per triennium
  • Each panel will agree a process for determining how projects will be identified, and how funding decisions will be made
  • These community projects should be in public spaces.
  • Projects are to develop community assets that are not able  to be funded in Council's Long Term Plan and/or Annual Plan
  • Community assets include, but are not limited to: playgrounds, street furniture, public art, tree planting, lighting, safety improvements, way finding, signage, improvements to existing public places and facilities.
  • The development of new assets needs to be in accordance with Council strategies, policies, and plans.
  • Projects must be supported by officers if there are on-going maintenance or other costs post-completion.
  • Where on-going maintenance and/or other costs are require after completion these need to be provided for. This may be by way of formal agreement with the relevant division of Council.
  • A report must be submitted at the end of each financial year to Council detailing expenditure over the year.

Community Funding Panels

Council has established four community funding panels in the Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western wards.

The role of the panels is that of community funders focused on supporting local projects and initiatives in their communities.

These panels meet formally twice a year and are open to the public. More information about attending these meetings is available on our About Council Meetings and Speak at a Council Meeting pages.

The Community Funding Panels job is to:

  • Give out and manage the Community Engagement Fund to assist and support local community events and initiatives. This is a contestable fund and generally there are two funding rounts per year.
  • Give out and manage a Local Community Projects Fund. This is not a contestable fund.

  • Ailsa Webb (Chair)  ailsa.webb@huttcity.govt.nz
  • Catherine Chapman
  • Matt Claridge
  • Wayne Gazley
  • Prabha Ravi
  • Cr Barratt
  • Cr Hislop
  • Cr Briggs - alternate
  • Supported by an Officer of Council

  • Luke Qin (Chair) luke.qin@huttcity.govt.nz
  • Christine Fagan
  • Dion Howard
  • Liz Pa'u
  • Noel Woods
  • Cr Mitchell
  • Cr Rasheed
  • Cr Dyer - alternate
  • Supported by an Officer of Council

  • Sarah Harris (Chair)
  • Chris Parkin (Chair) chris.parkin@huttcity.govt.nz
  • George Collins
  • Mark Rahman
  • Elaine Richardson
  • Cr Milne
  • Cr Edwards
  • Cr Dyer - alternate
  • Supported by an Officer of Council