Compliance schedule

Find out about what a compliance schedule is for and how to get one.

About Compliance Schedules

A Compliance Schedule is an inventory of all the specified systems in your building and their performance standards. It also details the inspection, testing and reporting procedures required to keep them working properly.

You only need a Compliance Schedule for a single household residence that is accessed by a cable car.

Note: If you don’t have a Compliance Schedule when you should have one, you may face legal action.

Where to keep your Compliance Schedule

Compliance Schedules must be kept on-site unless at another place by mutual agreement with Council.

They must also be available to Council officers, ‘independent qualified persons’ and authorised agents at all times.

How to find an independent qualified person

An independent qualified person (IQP) is a person or Building Warrant of Fitness service provider approved by Council to test, maintain and report on the specified systems that exist in the building as per the Compliance Schedule.

An IQP who is willing to do inspections in Hutt City is required to register with Wellington City Council, who manages the IQP Registration Register for councils in the Wellington region.

To find a registered IQP who can test, maintain and report on specified systems, use Wellington City Council's IQP Register Search.

When you need a new Compliance Schedule

A new or amended Compliance Schedule can get under way as a result of:

  • a building consent
  • at the request of the building owner or their agent; or
  • a result of Council auditing the specified systems in the building.

Building consent

If you apply for a building consent where specified systems are either proposed to be installed or changed as part of the building work, you'll need to include the details of the specified systems and proposed inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures as part of your building consent application.

Code Compliance Certificate

When we issue the Code Compliance Certificate, the finalised Compliance Schedule will be issued with it.

If the building has not had a Compliance Schedule issued previously, you'll be given a Compliance Schedule statement (temporary Building Warrant of Fitness) at this time.

It needs to be displayed in a prominent place for the first 12 months, and then replaced by the annual Building Warrant of Fitness each year for those using the building to see.

You need to engage in the services of an Independent Qualified Person to test, maintain, and report on each specified system listed on the Compliance Schedule.

Each specified system needs to be inspected in accordance with the Compliance Schedule requirements to ensure that the building warrant of fitness registration can happen each year.

Building owner requests changes to Compliance Schedule

If a building owner (or their agent) finds out that the Compliance Schedule does not reflect the specified systems installed in a building, they can request an amendment to a Compliance Schedule using the Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule form (Form 11).

You should send this in with an expert opinion (like a Fire Report) to support the changes.

Building audits

We have an ongoing audit programme of buildings in Hutt City. The audit findings can result in us issuing you with a new Compliance Schedule and Compliance Schedule statement or, changes to the existing Compliance Schedule to reflect the specified systems identified as present in a building.

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