Rugby World Cup 2023 Licensing Information

What is happening?

Temporary amendments to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act) for the men’s Rugby World Cup 2023 allow eligible on-licence and club-licence holders to extend their trading hours to show live games from the tournament in France without the need to apply for special licences.

What does this mean for my club or business?

You can extend your trading hours if:

  • you hold a current club licence or an on-licence
  • your main reason for extending your trading hours is to host customers to watch live games from the Rugby World Cup 2023
  • your licence has not been varied or suspended under section 280 of the Act in the past year, and
  • your licence has not been suspended or cancelled immediately before or during the Rugby World Cup 2023.

If you hold a Club Licence and you want to serve alcohol to non-club members then a Special Licence application will likely be required.

What do I need to do?

Notification process

You must notify Hutt City Council and Police in writing of the games you intend to be open for. Notification must be submitted more than 7 calendar days before any game you intend to open for. You can notify for multiple games .

Email your notification to

Deliver your notification in person to

  • Hutt City Council, 30 Laings Road, Hutt Central, Lower Hutt
  • and
  • Any local Police Station marked: Attention AHPO Wellington District Police

Mail your notification to
Note: mailed notifications may take longer to arrive

  • Environmental Health Alcohol Licensing Team, Hutt City Council, Private Bag 31-912, Lower Hutt 5040
  • and
  • AHPO Wellington District Police, PO Box 693, Wellington 6011

Download our Notification template (PDF 151KB)

Display notice of extended licensing hours

You must display a notice listing when you will have extended hours for Rugby World Cup games.

This must be displayed in the same way as you normally display your alcohol licence and must be put up as soon as possible after you have notified Council and Police.

Download our Display notice template (PDF 145KB)

Cancelling extended licensing hours

If you change your mind about opening for a game you have notified for, you must provide a cancellation of notification to Hutt City Council and Police as soon as possible.

We recommend using email or physical delivery for cancellation notifications.