Rubbish - red bin

Find out how to get a red bin for rubbish, and what you should and shouldn't put inside them.

How to get a red bin

If your red bin is stolen or missing, you can request a new one online.

Order a red bin

Rubbish and recycling collection days

Rubbish is collected on the same day as your recycling by Waste Management New Zealand.

Make sure your recycling is on the kerbside by 6am on collection day in a Council recycling bin.

Go to to find the collection day for your address.

Late or missed collections

Sometimes rubbish bins may not be collected at exactly the same time each week.

Complete the online bin enquiry form if you think your collection has been missed. If we've made a mistake, we'll send a truck to pick up your rubbish as soon as possible.

Your rubbish bin may not have been picked up if:

  • It wasn’t on the kerbside by 6am.
  • The lid wasn't closed.

How much rubbish fits in the new bins

A 120-litre bin should suit most people. Try to reduce your waste.

  • A 240-litre bin is equal to about 4 rubbish bags
  • A 120-litre bin is equal to about 2 rubbish bags
  • And an 80-litre bin is equal to about 1.3 rubbish bags

The standard recycling bin will be 240-litres and will be collected every fortnight. Smaller 120-litre recycling bins are also available but the price will be the same.

What you can put in red bins

  • Food waste
  • Nappies
  • Soiled cardboard (pizza boxes)
  • other plastic packaging (lids, tetrapaks, etc)
  • Packaging and styrofoam
  • Broken toys, clothing, carpet, fabrics
  • Dirty or contaminated plastic, polystyrene, tin/steel
  • Broken glass

To find out what you can and can't put into the red bins use the What goes in the bins?  search on the Too Good to Waste website