District plan review

Our vision for Lower Hutt is to create a city where everyone thrives. To do this, we need to protect and improve our natural environment and grow our city in a way that is sustainable and meets the needs of all of us who call Lower Hutt home. This vision comes together through three Council-wide plans: the Long Term Plan (also known as the 10-Year Plan), an Annual Plan, and the District Plan that sets the rules for how we use land and develop our city.

The District Plan is currently going through a top-to-bottom review. How do we protect what we love and provide what we need as a city? That’s where you come in – you can have your say on the draft plan when it comes out around October.

From protecting biodiversity to selecting areas for future urban growth and from managing natural hazards to preserving our built heritage, there’s a lot to consider. We’ll be contacting individuals and groups directly affected by possible changes, but everyone is invited to have your say. Keep an eye on this webpage for updates and feedback opportunities, as well as local newspapers and social media

Timeline of our District Plan review