Council policies, plans and strategies

Policies, Plans and Strategies are our principles, rules and guidelines that we follow to make our city great. Read them here.

NameRecord IDSize
Appointment and Remuneration of Directors Policy.PDFDOC/15/3653065.8 KB
Arts and Culture Policy 2016 - 2021.PDFDOC/16/43078452.9 KB
Class 4 Gaming Venue and Board Venue Policy 2021.PDFDOC/18/878966.7 KB
Commercial Use of Land Managed as Reserves Policy 2004.PDFDOC/15/36548200.6 KB
Community Halls Policy 2007.PDFDOC/15/3655292.8 KB
Conflict of Interest Policy.PDF-692 KB
Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.PDFDOC/16/18791879.0 KB
Development Contributions and Financial Contributions Policy 2021-2031 - Final.PDFDOC/21/712315.2 MB
Development Contributions Policy  2018-2021DOC/18/518973.16 MB
Dog Control Policy 2015.PDFDOC/16/1669792.0 KB
Draft Rates Postponement Policy 2016-2022.PDFDOC/16/43495252.3 KB
Encroachment and Disposal Policy On Reserves.PDFDOC/16/186843161.3 KB
Flying Drones (UAVs) over Hutt City Council Land Policy.PDFDOC/15/133375117.9 KB
Heritage Policy 2021.PDFDOC/15/36580478.5 KB
Hutt City Council CCTV and Wearable Camera Guideline.PDFDOC/21/100010193.9 KB
Hutt City Development Remissions Policy.PDFDOC/16/120924237.0 KB
Industrial Waste Policy Implementation 1995.PDFDOC/15/3658536.6 KB
Landfill Fees Charity Exemption Policy - Charity Definition 2001.PDFDOC/15/3659110.1 KB
Local Alcohol Policy.PDFDOC/16/78110124.0 KB
Local Approved Products Policy August 2016.PDFDOC/16/120914461.7 KB
Making Tracks 2009.PDFDOC/21/103853494.8 KB
Maori Land Rates Remission Policy (from 2009 LTP).PDFDOC/17/13884130.3 KB
Naming Policy 2022.pdf-481 KB
Parking Policy.PDFDOC/17/211609658.0 KB
Pencarrow Coast Road Policy for Vehicle Use 2012-2017.PDFDOC/15/3661375.1 KB
Private Sewer Drains Upgrading Policy.PDFDOC/15/36615151.4 KB
Private Use of HCC Land Policy.PDFDOC/15/36616159.6 KB
Rates Postponement Policy 2020.PDFDOC/20/33902180.1 KB
Rates Postponement Policy for Residential Ratepayers Aged 65 Years.PDFDOC/18/164845340.2 KB
Rates Remission Policy 2015 v2.1 July 2020.PDFDOC/20/57118158.3 KB
Rating Sales Policy - June 2021.PDFDOC/21/61080166.8 KB
Receiving Gifts Policy.PDF-625 HB
Recycling Bins Policy.PDFDOC/15/3662389.6 KB
Revenue and Financing Policy 2015.PDFDOC/15/104202541.9 KB
RTC-POL-001 Mowing of Berms.PDFDOC/20/1111241.3 MB
Significance and Engagement Policy 2021-2031.PDFDOC/15/36634365.4 KB
Sludge Disposal Policy 1997.PDFDOC/15/3663510.2 KB
Smokefree Outdoor Public Policy.PDFDOC/19/139092673.9 KB
Street Nameplates Design Policy 1993.PDFDOC/15/3664810.0 KB
Watercourse Pollution Incidents Policy 1991.PDFDOC/15/3667085.4 KB

TitleRecord #Size
Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan 2017-2027.PDFDOC/17/171071109.3 KB
CBD Making Places Overview.PDFDOC/15/37193107.1 KB
CBD Vision 2030.PDFDOC/15/371992.6 MB
Children and Young Peoples Plan 2012 -2022.PDFDOC/15/36547246.8 KB
Economic Development Plan 2015 - 2020.PDFDOC/15/169813662.4 KB
Environmental Sustainability Strategy Implementation Plan.PDFDOC/15/1682021.8 MB
Long Term Integrated Community Facilities Plan 2015.PDFDOC/15/1566023.3 MB
 Parks and Reserves Management Plans  
DOC/21/10405713.0 MB
DOC/21/10406912.9 MB
DOC/21/1040568.6 MB
DOC/21/1040558.6 MB
DOC/21/10405325.8 MB
DOC/21/1040684.7 MB
DOC/21/10407317.4 MB
DOC/21/1040674.4 MB
DOC/21/10405234.8 MB
DOC/21/10405016.6 MB
 25.0 MB
Rural Fire Plan Upper Hutt 2011-13.PDFDOC/15/36629469.8 KB
Seaview Gracefield Work Plan.PDFDOC/15/366332.6 MB
Stormwater Plan 2012-2017.PDFDOC/15/36647942.4 KB
Transport Activity Management Plan 2018-2028.PDFDOC/19/542813.8 MB
Urban Forest Plan.PDFDOC/15/366582.0 MB
Urban Forest Plan Operational Guide.PDFDOC/15/36659551.6 KB
Urban Forest Plan Ward Theme for Central Ward.PDFDOC/15/366601.5 MB
Wainuiomata Development Plan.PDFDOC/19/16065611.3 MB
Wainuiomata North Development Framework - Ian Munro.PDFDOC/19/16136730.6 MB
Wainuiomata North Development Framework - Council Workshop 21-23 November 2017.PDFDOC/20/74495.9 MB
Wainuiomata North Development Framework - Council Workshop 26 April 2018.PDFDOC/20/74503.8 MB
Walk and Cycle Strategy 2014-2019.PDFDOC/15/1550682.3 MB
Waste Management Plan.PDFDOC/15/366662.4 MB
Water Conservation Efficiency Plan.PDFDOC/15/36668472.4 KB

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