Proactive releases

TitleDuration to complete requestDateSize
Keelan Matthews - Rideshare agreements1 hour5 January 2023173KB
Max Shierlaw - Infringements for parking in bus-stop at 340 Jackson Street3 hours5 January 202386KB
Taxpayers Union - Artwork owned by  Hutt City Council4 hours5 January 2023500KB
Abdus - Samad Olanrewaju - Vehicle traffic data4 hours 9 February 20231.1 MB
Del Carlini -  inoperable parking meters on Knights Road3 hours15 February 2023125 KB
Ellen Cieraad - LED street lighting7 hours31 January 2023351 KB
Jessica  Durham - Alcohol licensing data6 hours10 February  20231 MB
Max Shierlaw - Budget for Eastern Bays Shared Pathway1 hour17 February 202384 KB
Max Shierlaw - Credit card surcharges on rates payments2 hours11 January 20231.1 MB
Nicholas Boyack - Emails from Max Shierlaw5 hours30 January 2023477 KB
Rod Badcock -  Signage  on cycleways7 hours17 February 20232.8 MB
Steve Bielby - Consultation on  Eastern Bays  speed limits1 hour17 February 2023384 KB
Wayne Bentley - Cleanfill operations in Coast Road, Wainuiomata4  hours2 February 2023257 KB
Caleb Van Der Byl - Discharge of trade waste3 hours28 February 2023306 KB
Alan Waller - Cost of Lorde concerts4 hours1 March 2023828 KB
Andrea Hilton - Resource consents for 2 Daysh Street AKA  870 High Street8 hours1 March 202344.2 MB
Chris Bishop MP  -  Eastern Bays  Speed Review2 hours3 March 2023156 KB
Deena Anderson  -  Sustainability grants1.5 hours2 March 2023175 KB
Harry Memelink  - Building works at 408 High Street  AKA 5 Wakefield Street4 hours20 January 20235.2 MB
Helen Hughes - Lifetime dog registration tags2 hours3 March 2023154 KB
Jori Whitfield-Topp - Earthquake Prone Building Methodology for 1037 High Street3 hours17 January 20231.5 MB
Max Shierlaw - Cost of Lorde tickets3 hours1 March 2023714 KB
Paul Hunt - Lower Hutt crime information5 hours24 February  202318.8 MB
Taxpayers Union - Citizen ceremonies4 hours28 February 2023906 KB
Max Shierlaw - Budget savings 7 March 2023242 KB
Mark Atkin  -  Lowering of voting age1 hour7 March 2023139 KB
Geoff Neal -  Three Waters reforms1 hour7 March 2023887 KB

TitleDuration to complete requestDateSize 
64 Waipounamu Drive - 10/01/2022 131KB
Karl Oliver - Noise concerns 3.5 hours 19/01/2022 1.01MB
Impact of reform programme on Three Waters projects 1 hour 25/01/2022 210KB
Street furniture advertising - 25/01/2022 23.9MB
Craig Innes - Application for Accelerated Infrastructure Fund for Wainuiomata-01/02/202213.7MB
Ted Linney - Pay By Plate carparking - 01/02/2022 1.48MB
Peter Barlow - Cycle lanes in Lower Hutt - 01/02/2022 520KB
Alan Thompson - Hutt River flooding event 5 hours 01/02/2022 497KB
Jo Brown - Certificates of Compliance - 01/02/2022 529KB
Debbie Bidlake, Federated Farmers4 hours01/02/2022493 KB
Alan Thompson - Hutt River flooding2 hours02/02/202279.2KB
Cameron Rodger - Infringement notices for parking unregistered vehicles on public roads-02/02/2022524 KB
Tracey MacLeod - Infringements for parking on a public road without a WoF-08/02/2022494 KB
Farah Hancock, RNZ - CCTV cameras-09/02/2022310 KB
Joan McGrath - Grooming Petone Beach4  hours09/02/2022330 KB
Max Shierlaw - LIM reports2.5 hours21/02/2022274 KB
Rachel Lyon - Statistics on Euthanised Dogs2.5 hours21/02/2022329 KB
147 Gracefield Road15 hours22/02/20224 MB
Matthew Young - Cycling and Micromobility2.5 hours22/02/20224 MB
Louana Fruean - Wainuiomata Papakainga-24/02/202244 KB
Nicholas Boyack, Stuff - Infrastructure Accelerator Fund application for Wainuiomata North 24 hours03/03/20225 MB
Michael Brown - Whitebaiting in Waiwhetu Stream8 hours07/03/2022198 KB
Alan Thompson - Hutt River flooding SOP2 hours07/03/2022958 KB
Max Shierlaw - Green Waste3 hours08/03/2022218 KB
Barbara West - Heritage designations 3 hours12/02/2022571 MB
Max Shierlaw - LIM Requests2 hours11/03/2022212 KB
Robert Dong - Heritage designations on buildings and structures4.5 hours17/03/2022540 KB
Max Shierlaw - Community Grants3.5 hours21/03/2022217KB
Anglican Advocacy - Staff employment benefits3.5 hours23/03/20222.3MB
Chris Milne - Tākai Here agreementEstimate 3 hours30/03/20222.4 MB
Stuart Wimbush - Heritage PolicyEstimate 3 hours processing time30/03/2022171KB
Max Shierlaw - LIM processing timeEstimate 3 hours processing time06/04/2022272KB
Karl Dickson - Consultation cost for HCC's Climate Change Report2 hours07/04/2022159KB
Matthew Young - Eastern Bays Shared Pathway 5 hours13/04/2022103 KB
Barry Godfrey - landfill charges 4 hours14/04/2022263 KB
Levi Gibbs, Taxpayers' Union - Financial information 10 hours22/04/2022593 KB
Kevin Crighton - Cycleway usage 4 hours26/04/2022292 KB
Karl Oliver - Arrangements between Council and Sebel Hotel and Events Centre3 hours27/04/2022501 KB
Matthew Young - Innovating Streets, Jackson Street 5 hours02/05/202211 MB
Barry Godfrey - Staff costs 4 hours05/05/2022248 KB
Olivia MacKenzie - Te Awa Raukura Street naming 10 hours05/05/20225.2 MB
Grant Birkinshaw - Planning Team staffing and LGOIMA processes4 hours05/05/20222.2 MB
Max Shierlaw - Street Naming Policy6 hours06/05/2022159 KB
Matthew Young - Greenhouse Gas Inventory6 hours09/05/2022310 KB
Lily Chalmers - Kakano fund 6 hours10/05/2022264 KB
Allison Tindale - Council Minutes 2007 2 hours11/05/20226.9 MB
Max Shierlaw - Financial strategy 4.5 hours11/05/20223.2 MB
Grant Birkinshaw - Comments associated with meeting on 3 May 2022 2 hours12/05/2022334 KB
Greg Driver - Financial statements as per Annual Report 2020-21 5 hours13/05/2022227 KB
Matthew Young - Cross Valley Connections 3 hours17/05/20222.8 MB
Dewi Preece, TVNZ - fly-tipping 4 hours18/05/2022167 KB
Grant Birkinshaw - Proposed Meeting 2 hours19/05/2022279 KB
Rob Thomas - Building Consent Processes5 hours20/05/2022986 KB
Shierlaw - Financial Records and Corporate Services Costs including attachments9 hours23/05/20221.8 MB
Allan Waller - Councillors' Briefing attendance2.5 hours24/05/2022361 KB
A Geary, Forest and Bird - Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategies6 hours25/05/2022507 KB
Karl Oliver - Consultation with Maori3 hours25/06/2022493 KB
Tim Andrews - Parking Infringements3 hours27/05/20222.8 MB
Max Shierlaw - Appointment to Mayor's office role2 hours30/05/2022499 KB
Grant Birkinshaw - Council process1 hour30/05/2022420 KB
Jack Bolter2 hours30/05/2022556 KB
Matthew Tso - Complaint about Cr Shazley Rasheed 01/06/20223.0 MB
Rachel Allen - housing near Silverstream landfill0.5 hours01/06/2022248 KB
Matthew Tso, Stuff Media - Cr Shazley Rasheed 01/06/20222.0  MB
Taxpayers Union6 hours02/06/2022577 KB
Cr Leigh Sutton - Stuff LGOIMA 02/06/2022187 KB
Alex Pivac - Takai Here Agreement 1 hour28/06/2022178 KB
Allison Tindale - heritage policy 6 hours14/06/202212 MB
Grant Birkinshaw - cost-benefit of Wainuiomata cleanfill 4 hours14/06/20224.7 MB
Grant Birkinshaw - resource consent refunds1 hour07/06/2022136 KB
Grant Birkinshaw - Wellness surveys and CEO contract6 hours29/06/221.2 MB
Melissa Nightingale - enviro health complaints12 hours07/06/2226 MB
Melissa Nightingale - Rebate of Maori land 14 hours08/06/2222 MB
Melissa Nightingale - staff injuries 6 hours30/05/223.1 MB
Merisca Janse can Rensburg - Salary of parking wardens 2 hours20/06/22156 MB
Quentin Duthie - Esplanade transport study6 hours15/06/223.6 MB
Quentin Duthie - footpath maintenance 4 hours16/06/22581 KB
Quentin Duthie - Hill Road 4 hours16/06/22512 KB
Rick re library event 3 hours23/06/221.9 MB
Robert Ashe - footpath maintenance 2 hours16/06/223.6 MB
Allison Tindale - Heritage Inventory 2 hours12/07/22620 KB
Alan Waller - Purchase of Naenae Post-office building 2 hours20/07/22498 KB
Rupert Applin - RFID Tracking devices on rubbish bins 3 hours14/07/22497 KB
Max Shierlaw - Staff Satisfaction Surveys 1 hour14/07/22193 KB
Matthew Tso - Staff resignations and grievances-20/07/22504 KB
Matthew O'Connor - Building Consent applications 4 hours19/07/221.1 MB
Geordie Rogers - Application of Health Act 2 hours14/07/22168 KB
Darren Conway - Cross Valley Connection Business Case 1.5 hours13/07/22116 KB
Building Consents for A1 Homes 2 hours20/07/22325 KB
Brigitte Morten - Intensification Planning Instrument 1.5 hours19/0722532 KB
Anusha Bradley - Communications Team pay and numbers 10 hours08/07/222.5 MB
Aiden Mcgillicuddy - Disc Golf4 hours28/07/22219 KB
Alan Waller - Rates increases3 hours28/07/221.1 MB
GNS - research undertaken by HCC4 hours28/07/221.3 MB
Mark Crofskey - Councillor attendance records2 hours08/08/22189 KB
Matthew Young - Petone wharf timbers3 hours28/07/22336 KB
Max Shierlaw - Councillor attendance records1 hour08/08/2286.4 KB
Max Shierlaw - Funding of radio stations5 hours08/08/2288.7 KB
Max Shierlaw - Wainuiomata cafe proposal4 hours27/08/229.2 MB
Office of Ombudsman - Decision on Code of Conduct complaint relating to Cr Chris Milne 22/09/22896 KB
Alan Keegan - Computers used in Lower Hutt libraries3 hours22/09/22138 KB
Will Turner - landslip, Wainuiomata Hill 2 hours22/09/22520 KB
Tyrone Barugh - staff salary information 4 hours22/09/221.4 MB
Tim Adriaansen - Wainuiomata Hill shared pathway safety audit2 hours9/8/22207 KB
Sarah Wedde - Dog Impoundment numbers 1 hour3/10/22136 KB
Sam Somers - Councillor expenses 3 hours22/09/221.1 MB
Ruth Hefford - Korau Grove stream 2 hours22/09/221.4 MB
Robert Capstick - Building and resource consents for 43-45 Porutu Street in Lower Hutt 3 hours9/8/22529 KB
Melissa Nightingale, s133 Building Act notices for buildings4 hours29/9/2241.8 MB
Melissa Nightingale - Pest control on council properties 3 hours22/09/22661 KB
Max Shierlaw - Risk Assessment of upgrade to Eastern Hutt Road 3 hours22/09/22182 KB
Max Shierlaw - Mayoral Candidate questions 3 hours3/10/221.6 MB
Max Shierlaw - CEO communications with Stuff-Dom Post 1.5 hours15/9/22214 KB
Matthew Young - Parking 2 hours9/8/22525 KB
Mark Armstrong - LGNZ attendees 2 hours22/9/22218 KB
Jonathan Adie - Raukawa Street, Stokes Valley 6 hours29/9/22596 KB
Jonathan Adie - Infrastructure5 hours29/9/2254.3 MB
Isla Simmonds - Hutt City Growth Study report 20221.5 hours22/09/226.1 MB
George Keith - Motor caravan parks2 hours22/09/22214 KB
Dimitri Viatos - Procedures and policies for weathertightness-damaged properties 2 hours29/9/22589 KB
Darren Conway - Seaview Links Project Feasibility Report 2015 3 hours5/9/2294 KB
Daisy McWedge - Cost of HCC services 3 hours22/9/22435 KB
Colm Dubieniec - Street cleaning 4 hours22/9/226.5 MB
Carissa Bryan - Monitoring fence 4 hours22/9/22523 KB
Chris McCashin - Wainuiomata burials3 hours07/10/221 MB
Chris Milne - Election hoardings6 hours04/11/224 MB
Crime in Moera3 hours16/11/22324 KB
Gavin Bird - Customer Services presentation2 hours04/11/222.89MB
Jay Waters - Emergency generators for Northern Ward10 hours24/11/2258.7MB
Keep Hutt Valley Beautiful -Graffiti4 hours17/10/22180 KB
Leigh Sutton - pre-election removal of publications from libraries2 hours08/11/22200KB
Max Shierlaw - Ombudsman complaint5 hours26/10/221.7 MB
Melissa Nightingale - Complaints about public artworks4 hours07/10/22358 KB
Morrison Kent - Korokoro slips6 hours20/10/226.3 MB
Nicholas Boyack, Stuff - Mayor's spending 28/09/22248 KB
Sally-ann Moffat - Resource Recovery Park6 hours12/10/22714 KB
Sarah Wedde - Dog infringement notices1.5 hours30/09/22134 KB
Shaun McKenzie - Westpac banking charges 08/11/22178 KB
Ashleigh Fedorenko - Processes for excessive noise management3 hours16/12/22350KB
Bob Osborne - Freedom camping laws and by-laws2 hours12/12/2281KB
Bryan Fisk - Road maintenance budget2 hours2/12/22128KB
Craig Tweedie - Street Naming2 hours7/12/2221MB
Daniel Chrisp - Akatarawa Cemetery4 hours23/12/224.3MB
Irina - Special alcohol licences for upcoming events2 hours21/11/22157KB
Jack Boltar - Three Waters4 hours6/12/22337KB
John Terris - Lower Hutt employment statistics2 hours16/12/225.7MB
Mark Crofskey - newspapers in libraries during election periods1 hour27/10/2257KB
Shaun Mckenzie -  Communications relating to the credit card processing fee for Westpac8 hours16/12/227.5MB
Rod Badcock - Off-leash dog exercise policy for shared pathways on riverbank6 hours20/12/22333KB
Cheyla - Landslips around  Eastern Hutt Road, Stokes valley and Taita 9 December 202275.2 MB

TitleRecord #DateSize
Access to Council Chambers based on Covid vaccination status     -22/12/2177 KB
Wellington Water Limited      -15/12/21425 KB
Belmont Quarry 2     -15/12/21397 KB
Industrial Waste Consents.PDFDOC/21/907837/12/20211.1 MB
Indemnity Insurance     -01/12/2021179 KB
Cross Valley Connections – Lower Hutt Economic Appraisal Peer Review.PDFDOC/21/12074223/11/20211.5 MB
Rifle ranges in Lower Hutt     -23/11/21235 KB
Timeframes for issuing Building Consents     -22/11/212.1 MB
Staff Turnover     -17/11/21913 KB
Hutt Radio Limited     -15/11/21327 KB
Naenae transitional housing facility.PDFDOC/21/12068918/11/202116.5 MB
Belmont Quarry 1     -01/11/21528 KB
Hutt City Council employee demographics     -20/10/20212.2 MB
Bridge Resource Consent application information.PDFDOC/21/11145714/10/2021373.2 KB
Procurement process for rubbish and recycling.PDFDOC/21/11045613/10/20212.4 MB
Micromobility Programme Funding, Business Case and Work Plan for Cross Valley Connections and Engagement Reports for Integrated Transport Strategy.PDFDOC/21/1113797/10/20214.1 MB
Provision of specialist services to support HCCs kerbside rubbish and recycling collection procurement .PDFDOC/21/1089477/10/202134.7 MB
Mayoral Offices communications and marketing spend.PDFDOC/21/1099546/10/2021178.4 KB
Climate change project agenda and terms of reference.PDFDOC/21/1087941/10/20211.3 MB
WiFi in Hutt City.PDFDOC/21/10880028/09/202190.0 KB
Auckland Council inquiry into HR tools.PDFDOC/21/10879928/09/2021132.8 KB
Monitoring the Exercise of Resource Consents.PDFDOC/21/10879828/09/2021359.6 KB
Questions regarding Chris Milne.PDFDOC/21/11147027/09/2021230.6 KB
Motutawa Avalon Park sign.PDFDOC/21/10879724/09/2021199.7 KB
Threshold for running an open competitive tender process.PDFDOC/21/10879617/09/2021247.6 KB
Cleanfill requirements of Lower Hutt.PDFDOC/21/8907216/09/2021381.0 KB
Information on unpaid Infringement notices.PDFDOC/21/11146616/09/2021261.8 KB
Staff redundancies.PDFDOC/21/11975210/09/2021373.9 KB
Request for results from latest staff survey.PDFDOC/21/11151210/09/2021270.6 KB
Staff Engagement Surveys.PDFDOC/21/1164419/09/2021878.5 KB
Integrated Transport Plan.PDFDOC/21/1087959/09/2021667.4 KB
Advice on Rubbish and Recycling Tender by Morrison Law.PDFDOC/21/1060286/09/20211.9 MB
Information regarding 23 July LGOIMA response .PDFDOC/21/10186131/08/202111.9 MB
Email correspondence sent to Stuff regarding Bruce Sherlocks article.PDFDOC/21/9833627/08/2021306.5 KB
Spending on legal advice on defamation.PDFDOC/21/9833926/08/202161.0 KB
Councils position on Three Waters.PDFDOC/21/11151326/08/20211.1 MB
Sales and Purchase agreements.PDFDOC/21/9844125/08/2021209.7 KB
Rating valuation rules.PDFDOC/21/9843025/08/20211.6 MB
Breaches of any District or Regional Plan since November 2019.PDFDOC/21/11150425/08/2021227.7 KB
Consent application for development in Ferry Road, Days Bay.PDFDOC/21/11150924/08/2021229.7 KB
Request for data informing LH GHG Inventory Report 2019.PDFDOC/21/11149324/08/2021855.6 KB
Distribution of councils general and targeted rates.PDFDOC/21/9471418/08/2021328.4 KB
Dowse Celebration.PDFDOC/21/9299513/08/20213.1 MB
Previous recycling costs.PDFDOC/21/9801812/08/20213.2 MB
Illegal Vegetation Clearance.PDFDOC/21/9300012/08/2021212.1 KB
Infrastructure Expenditures and Condition Reports.PDFDOC/21/9299912/08/2021487.4 KB
Average residential property value.PDFDOC/21/9802311/08/2021543.0 KB
smoke nuisances.PDFDOC/21/9842610/08/2021179.0 KB
All LOGIMA and OIA requests for April 2021.PDFDOC/21/9839610/08/2021117.8 KB
All LGOIMA and OIA requests for June 2021.PDFDOC/21/9838610/08/2021118.1 KB
Emails between Councilors and CEO.PDFDOC/21/9832410/08/2021327.6 KB
Security guards in the Council Admin building.PDFDOC/21/9829210/08/2021322.8 KB
Heritage Building Inventory, Avalon Public Hall.PDFDOC/21/8040610/08/20213.2 MB
Rates inquiry.PDFDOC/21/983209/08/2021264.1 KB
Options regarding future clean fill.PDFDOC/21/979576/08/2021312.3 KB
Procurement Plan for Rubbish and Recycling Tender.PDFDOC/21/897895/08/2021117.6 KB
Rates information request.PDFDOC/21/914324/08/2021148.5 KB
Army training exercise in Wainuiomata.PDFDOC/21/892303/08/20216.4 MB
Personal grievances.PDFDOC/21/8619329/07/2021466.4 KB
Indigenous Biodiversity Fund Financials.PDFDOC/21/8545523/07/20215.1 MB
Conversations with Mayor and Councillors .PDFDOC/21/10184023/07/202114.4 MB
Micromobility SSBC.PDFDOC/21/8920122/07/20219.7 MB
Central Ward By-election process.PDFDOC/21/8046516/07/2021506.4 KB
Request for emails.PDFDOC/21/9129215/07/2021188.5 KB
Naenae Procurement Plan.PDFDOC/21/8040715/07/20212.0 MB
Wingate Intersection.PDFDOC/21/8530712/07/202112.9 MB
Councillor communication with Mayor.PDFDOC/21/912876/07/20211.1 MB
Councillors votes on rates increase.PDFDOC/21/804696/07/2021397.8 KB
Redesign.PDFDOC/21/854402/07/20211.0 MB
Involvement in communications work for Long Term Plan.PDFDOC/21/804662/07/2021649.2 KB
Council spending on catering and guidance to staff.PDFDOC/21/780172/07/2021737.0 KB
2007 Council decision on water supply web link.PDFDOC/21/8518329/06/2021711.3 KB
Recycling.PDFDOC/21/8922428/06/2021809.5 KB
Recycling collection information and data.PDFDOC/21/8069628/06/2021826.3 KB
Documentation since 2000 on a second access road into Wainuiomata.PDFDOC/21/7803025/06/202121.2 MB
Recent redundancies.PDFDOC/21/8544324/06/2021443.5 KB
Number of closed council meetings.PDFDOC/21/7423524/06/2021971.7 KB
Advice received by Mayor regarding house purchase.PDFDOC/21/6857224/06/2021486.7 KB
Traffic congestion in Petone .PDFDOC/21/6856824/06/2021216.5 KB
Lower Hutts Sister City Minoh, Japan.PDFDOC/21/8058821/06/20217.8 MB
Request for all feedback received for HCCs Long Term Plan.PDFDOC/21/8058021/06/2021806.6 KB
Psychometric Testing undertaken during staff recruitment.PDFDOC/21/7806421/06/2021539.6 KB
Optional green waste service, where green waste goes.PDFDOC/21/7802216/06/2021180.4 KB
Sports ground charges.PDFDOC/21/8541915/06/2021841.9 KB
Mayor Barry personal donations.PDFDOC/21/6487914/06/2021287.0 KB
All correspondence relating to Riverside Media.PDFDOC/21/8057810/06/2021828.3 KB
Rubbish and recycling cost.PDFDOC/21/6707510/06/2021724.3 KB
Proposed survey works in Kings Crescent.PDFDOC/21/670689/06/2021755.2 KB
Redundancy.PDFDOC/21/854428/06/2021726.5 KB
Correspondence from Chief Executive.PDFDOC/21/861153/06/20211.3 MB
Request on email sent to staff.PDFDOC/21/912862/06/2021239.5 KB
Class 4 grant funding applications from council.PDFDOC/21/780161/06/2021700.5 KB
Kerb extensions on Woburn Road.PDFDOC/21/6704428/05/2021727.0 KB
Ratepayers report.PDFDOC/21/8923324/05/2021517.8 KB
Closed Council Meetings.PDFDOC/21/6707221/05/20212.0 MB
Minutes from Climate Change Working Group.PDFDOC/21/8923220/05/2021965.4 KB
Hunting data from operation at Haywards Reserve.PDFDOC/21/6485920/05/20211001.6 KB
Rates increase .PDFDOC/21/9129419/05/202112.9 MB
Rates increase information including targeted rubbish collection rates.PDFDOC/21/8080519/05/20218.5 MB
Knights Road Budget.PDFDOC/21/6704317/05/2021726.0 KB
Parking within 6 metres of a corner.PDFDOC/21/6485515/05/20211.4 MB
Wainuiomata Cleanfill.PDFDOC/21/8922110/05/20217.8 MB
Manufacturer of council rubbish bins.PDFDOC/21/804097/05/2021105.2 KB
Total legal spend.PDFDOC/21/742167/05/20211.6 MB
Drug and alcohol testing.PDFDOC/21/670666/05/2021825.3 KB
Proposed changes to rates postponement policy.PDFDOC/21/742125/05/20211.1 MB
Communications and Engagement plan for Long Term Plan .PDFDOC/21/741983/05/20213.9 MB
PBC Sensitivity Test.PDFDOC/21/670413/05/2021761.1 KB
Wainuiomata dog park.PDFDOC/21/6487830/04/2021973.0 KB
Swimming Pool Subsidies.PDFDOC/21/6487730/04/2021762.2 KB
Cycleways, shared pathways, WSP integrated strategy.PDFDOC/21/8911529/04/2021898.2 KB
Parking Policy.PDFDOC/21/6697529/04/2021860.2 KB
Fire protection systems.PDFDOC/21/8922327/04/2021712.2 KB
Request for list of proposed Heritage Buildings.PDFDOC/21/8922216/04/2021534.7 KB
Swimming Pool Inspections.PDFDOC/21/6485616/04/2021550.5 KB
Dog leashing on the Eastbourne promenade.PDFDOC/21/8906714/04/2021864.2 KB
Council policy on charging for LGOIMA requests.PDFDOC/21/6485413/04/2021537.3 KB
Internal delivery capacity for micromobility.PDFDOC/21/8906412/04/20213.5 MB
Parking in Jackson Street, Traffic Safety Programme and Micromobility.PDFDOC/21/8080212/04/2021753.1 KB
Stress level of Council Staff.PDFDOC/21/890589/04/2021247.1 KB
Options Number LIst.PDFDOC/21/890579/04/2021267.5 KB
Formal or Informal Complaints made about the Council by Council staff.PDFDOC/21/890549/04/2021918.9 KB
All data on Knights Road Connection Project.PDFDOC/21/808018/04/2021845.4 KB
Hutt City Zero Carbon Plan.PDFDOC/21/890467/04/202137.3 MB
Elected members oversight of budgets.PDFDOC/21/806137/04/2021827.5 KB
Allegations on the CEO.PDFDOC/21/890181/04/20211.7 MB
Unformed Legal Roads.PDFDOC/21/669761/04/20211.1 MB
Submission on the Climate Change Commission.PDFDOC/21/669681/04/20212.0 MB
Traffic Capital Expenditure.PDFDOC/21/8911831/03/2021878.9 KB
Long Term Plan Meeting.PDFDOC/21/6487429/03/20215.5 MB
Curbing on Connolly Street.PDFDOC/21/6487329/03/2021783.8 KB
Correspondence between Chris Milne and the Taxpayers Union.PDFDOC/21/8911326/03/20211.2 MB
Average cost of rates.PDFDOC/21/6697426/03/2021921.2 KB
Waterpolo Competition at Huia Pool.PDFDOC/21/6486626/03/2021877.1 KB
Rates Relief.PDFDOC/21/6486424/03/2021397.6 KB
Gender Pay Equality.PDFDOC/21/6486223/03/2021276.7 KB
2009 to14 Sustainability Strategy.PDFDOC/21/8910922/03/2021175.9 KB
Long term plan agenda.PDFDOC/21/8063018/03/2021870.6 KB
By Law making process.PDFDOC/21/8907116/03/2021244.9 KB
Walk and Cycle the Hutt Options Paper.PDFDOC/21/6697312/03/20211.3 MB
Success criteria for Knights Road Connection Project.PDFDOC/21/6697212/03/2021401.5 KB
Application to operate a Hovercraft.PDFDOC/21/8906110/03/2021709.3 KB
Budget, cost benefit analysis, and consultations on Knights Road cycleway .PDFDOC/21/742269/03/2021278.0 KB
Signalised intersections in the city.PDFDOC/21/648498/03/2021385.1 KB
Proposed sub-division developments for properties(2).PDFDOC/21/890345/03/20216.3 MB
Integrated Transport Strategy.PDFDOC/21/890315/03/20211.5 MB
Survey of Councillors and Community Board Members Report.PDFDOC/21/742065/03/20215.4 MB
Micromobility SSBC and RiverLink.PDFDOC/21/890263/03/20212.5 MB
Proposed Shooting Range.PDFDOC/21/890243/03/202114.2 MB
Social housing tenancy termination policy.PDFDOC/21/890201/03/202166.6 KB
External consultants and professional services .PDFDOC/21/741921/03/2021310.3 KB
Complaints received about feral deer, goats and pigs.PDFDOC/21/7423825/02/20211.3 MB
Riverlink financial clarifications.PDFDOC/21/7422923/02/2021717.1 KB
Southern Section of Beltway.PDFDOC/21/8908318/02/202196.1 KB
Proposed Rubbish Collection and Recycling rate.PDFDOC/21/8908218/02/2021701.1 KB
2020 Annual Report depreciation of assets.PDFDOC/21/7422711/02/2021876.5 KB
Cycling and Micromobility Funding Officer Advice.PDFDOC/21/890305/02/2021193.8 KB
Any cost of CEOs meals paid by ratepayer.PDFDOC/21/804883/02/2021308.2 KB
Landfill space.PDFDOC/21/741962/02/2021253.2 KB
Closed Door Meetings.PDFDOC/21/8911729/01/2021550.7 KB
Wainuiomata Closed Landfill.PDFDOC/21/10724021/01/202124.1 MB
Mental health.PDFDOC/21/9093318/01/2021661.2 KB
Freedom Camping.PDFDOC/21/8908418/01/2021736.1 KB
Payment options for council fines.PDFDOC/21/7812718/01/2021302.7 KB
Mayoral discretionary funds.PDFDOC/21/9142714/01/2021281.0 KB
Eastbourne rates and swimming pool.PDFDOC/21/9092914/01/2021353.9 KB
Value of Colin McCahon artwork at Dowse.PDFDOC/21/7812513/01/2021364.2 KB

TitleRecord #Size
11 Feb Annual Plan Subcommittee - Business Case Report, Kerbside Collections.PDFDOC/20/404527.8 MB
11 Feb Annual Plan Subcommittee - Order paper for Long Term Plan.PDFDOC/20/498427.5 MB
2020-2021 Annual Plan.PDFDOC/21/104562462.4 KB
All electronic communications on Stuff article.PDFDOC/20/4984520.9 MB
All information related to media query on dumped rubbish.PDFDOC/20/49848720.0 KB
All information related to report HCC20191(2)230 Page 274.PDFDOC/20/5012711.2 MB
All information related to Waste Collection Procurement Strategy.PDFDOC/20/4985412.9 MB
Animal services.PDFDOC/21/89406567.5 KB
Animal treatment.PDFDOC/20/1120233.1 MB
Annual Calendar of Weed Control.PDFDOC/20/10525707.3 KB
Approaches by Police To Council Due to Safety Issues with Shooting Ranges.PDFDOC/20/10533618.9 KB
Arthur D Riley Co Ltd and Associated Companies.PDFDOC/20/1120221.9 MB
Average residential costs and rating units for 2018-19 financial year.PDFDOC/21/890891.0 MB
Body Worn Camera.PDFDOC/20/501482.6 MB
Breach of electoral laws by Ray Wallace.PDFDOC/21/912911.5 MB
Bridge inspection regimes.PDFDOC/21/90839287.4 KB
Briefing documents for WRGF.PDFDOC/21/91620207.1 KB
Building consent activity since 2020 COVID lockdown.PDFDOC/21/89409194.6 KB
Building energy performance.PDFDOC/21/91626736.2 KB
Catering Expenses For Financial Years 2017 - 2018 - 2019.PDFDOC/20/10645563.2 KB
CEO expenses.PDFDOC/20/501441.5 MB
Changes to rubbish collection.PDFDOC/20/501301.5 MB
Cleaning of the Huia pool.PDFDOC/21/90882398.4 KB
Closing the Wainuiomata Trail Park to cyclists.PDFDOC/20/112021173.9 KB
Closure of the public artesian well taps.PDFDOC/20/11200725.5 MB
Closure of the Silverstream Landfill.PDFDOC/20/1120293.4 MB
Code of conduct complaint, cost and related meetings.PDFDOC/21/91352286.5 KB
Code of conduct for Elected Members and Staff.PDFDOC/21/912932.7 MB
Communication about the Old Tip site, Wainuiomata.PDFDOC/21/914198.1 MB
Communication regarding Mayors alleged misconduct and purchasing of a property.PDFDOC/21/9142416.4 MB
Copy of Lease Agreement Between Hutt City Council and Maungaraki Tennis Club.PDFDOC/20/120583.0 MB
Costs of Naenae pool.PDFDOC/20/11202512.3 MB
Costs of the event centre underwrite.PDFDOC/21/89051169.7 KB
Costs RE RiverLink Project.PDFDOC/21/103585536.7 KB
Council communications made by Mayor and Deputy Mayor on Plan Change 43.PDFDOC/21/912881.8 MB
Council Spending on Election Promotion and Voter Engagement.PDFDOC/20/121331.2 MB
Council survey on a rates funded solution for rubbish collection.PDFDOC/21/894261.3 MB
Councils use of its rights under the Public Health Act to inspect rental housing properties.PDFDOC/21/104753465.1 KB
Cross Valley business case report.PDFDOC/21/9247687.8 KB
Cross Valley Connection Background Information(2).PDFDOC/21/8908641.3 MB
Cross Valley Connections.PDFDOC/21/908676.7 MB
Dangerous dogs.PDFDOC/21/915671.2 MB
Documents related to LTPAP2020229 paragraph 33 - Kerbside Collections.PDFDOC/20/4984410.7 MB
Documents related to LTPAP2020229 paragraph 34 - Kerbside Collections.PDFDOC/20/498327.4 MB
Documents related to LTPAP2020229 paragraph 43(a) - Kerbside Collections.PDFDOC/20/498407.5 MB
Documents Relating to the Dog Control Activity.PDFDOC/21/909511.0 MB
Dog adoption information.PDFDOC/20/1120261.5 MB
Dog registration information.PDFDOC/21/103447407.7 KB
Dog rehoming.PDFDOC/21/908632.1 MB
Doggone Statistics and Information.PDFDOC/20/17302333.7 KB
Domestic and International Travel for Council Including CCOs for the 2018 - 2019 Financial Year.PDFDOC/20/120652.3 MB
Drainage and Sewage Issues Experienced in Naenae.PDFDOC/20/11999502.8 KB
E Tu Union campaign donation to Campbell Barry.PDFDOC/20/1120191.6 MB
Electric Fleet.PDFDOC/20/50142808.4 KB
Email by Campbell Barry.PDFDOC/21/91426720.1 KB
Email correspondence between Council CEO, Mayor and Councilors.PDFDOC/21/103439187.8 KB
Email sent by Councillor Dyer.PDFDOC/21/91290394.2 KB
Emerging direction document.PDFDOC/21/91572205.4 KB
Faulty in HCC Contact Us weblink.PDFDOC/21/90881301.9 KB
Fees paid to Tonkin and Taylor.PDFDOC/21/8909147.7 KB
Formal Complaints Against Elected Members.PDFDOC/21/91666677.0 KB
Freedom camping survey.PDFDOC/20/1120281.1 MB
Gross Amount of Money Owed to Ratepayers by the Council as The Result of Overpayments.PDFDOC/20/120351.1 MB
HR capability on overall dog control activity.PDFDOC/21/105648697.0 KB
Hutt City Council Organisational Structure and Revenue Request.PDFDOC/20/119553.1 MB
Hutt City Councils road network maintenance contractor 2020.PDFDOC/20/112018478.5 KB
Hutt Valley Speed Limits.PDFDOC/21/89433203.3 KB
Induction Packs for Incoming or Returning Councilors Provided by Hutt City Council.PDFDOC/20/12057655.5 KB
Information on Residential Swimming Pools.PDFDOC/20/17333978.4 KB
Information on Sport and Recreation Funding in the Last Five Years.PDFDOC/20/173113.2 MB
Information on vehicle weight, height, width and length limits on roads or bridges in Hutt City.PDFDOC/21/103417934.7 KB
Information on Wainuiomata North Upper Fitzherbert passed to WRGF.PDFDOC/21/104757663.6 KB
Inspection of rental housing properties.PDFDOC/21/89411238.9 KB
Insurance and 5G policies.PDFDOC/20/1120174.7 MB
Interest Rate Swap.PDFDOC/20/1052116.7 MB
International Recycling Markets.PDFDOC/20/498552.7 MB
Iwi engagement and consultation.PDFDOC/21/90871267.7 KB
Kelson heights project.PDFDOC/21/1061387.9 MB
LIM reports for potential coastal inundation.PDFDOC/21/90945290.8 KB
Listed buildings in Epuni school.PDFDOC/21/103445252.9 KB
Living wage to the Hutt City Councils street cleaning and graffiti contractor.PDFDOC/21/1034029.2 MB
Locations to meet the cleanfill requirements.PDFDOC/21/104430439.0 KB
Logo.PDFDOC/21/91616496.6 KB
Mayoral Expenses.PDFDOC/21/91667264.2 KB
Mayors expenses since 2019 election.PDFDOC/21/105650280.4 KB
Mayors interest declaration.PDFDOC/20/112024314.5 KB
Mayors recommendations on cross valley connections project.PDFDOC/21/91428203.3 KB
Meetings related to Code of Conduct complaint against Cr Milne.PDFDOC/21/91618708.8 KB
Minutes of All Urban Plus Board Meeting Between 1 January 2018 and 3rd September 2019.PDFDOC/20/104888.0 MB
Miscellaneous.PDFDOC/21/908801012.1 KB
Naenae Activation Fund.PDFDOC/21/890451.1 MB
Naenae Expenditure.PDFDOC/20/10493580.5 KB
Names of All Elected Members and Their Terms 1989 to 2001.PDFDOC/20/10639827.1 KB
National waste levy changes.PDFDOC/20/498396.7 MB
Newly appointed Director Neighbourhoods and Communities.PDFDOC/20/501411.9 MB
Noise testing at the Wainuiomata Cleanfill.PDFDOC/21/8902916.2 MB
Non consented buildings.PDFDOC/20/1120102.4 MB
Number of Requests Relating to Enforcement of Dog Control Act and Stationary Vehicle Offences.PDFDOC/20/172471.1 MB
Number of staff employed.PDFDOC/21/92477826.5 KB
On license and food premises.PDFDOC/20/1120083.7 MB
Operational Grant Project details.PDFDOC/20/112012524.5 KB
Pandemic Plan 2020 - FINAL November 2020.PDFDOC/20/339821.0 MB
Pedestrian counts on all streets or roads in Lower Hutt.PDFDOC/21/91582267.1 KB
Plaque and Headstone Restoration.PDFDOC/20/1728313.4 MB
Project between Seismic Solutions and HCC.PDFDOC/21/1068614.9 MB
Queensgate rates remission.PDFDOC/21/103418664.9 KB
Questions about staff and costs.PDFDOC/20/11201516.6 MB
Ratepayers Report.PDFDOC/21/894161.6 MB
Rates revenue.PDFDOC/21/90861464.9 KB
Reason Roundabout at Williams Heretaunga Street is Being Resurfaced.PDFDOC/20/17223442.8 KB
Recycling and Refuse Across New Zealand.PDFDOC/20/1196411.5 MB
Register of all artwork.PDFDOC/21/89432783.5 KB
Rehome dog policy.PDFDOC/20/501333.0 MB
Removal of Pohutukawa tree in Raymond Terrace.PDFDOC/21/89435363.2 KB
Remuneration Pool for Councilors.PDFDOC/20/11988699.9 KB
Response to Waste Issue Complaint.PDFDOC/20/7768938.4 MB
Riverside Media.PDFDOC/20/1120132.5 MB
Salaries above $250,000.PDFDOC/20/1120091.8 MB
SPCA Nationwide Desexing Initiative.PDFDOC/21/104429326.1 KB
Staff numbers.PDFDOC/21/89041616.2 KB
Staff remuneration.PDFDOC/20/112020976.9 KB
Staff With Total Remuneration Over 250K as at September 2019 - Part 2 .PDFDOC/20/17212835.3 KB
Staff With Total Remuneration Over 250K as at September 2019.PDFDOC/20/10545680.2 KB
Street Cleaner Query.PDFDOC/20/1120111.2 MB
Stuff article on Wainuiomata North.PDFDOC/21/916646.7 MB
Subdivision processing statistics.PDFDOC/21/103590369.5 KB
Survey Results for Cat Control in Lower Hutt.PDFDOC/20/12102336.5 KB
Te Manawa Costs.PDFDOC/20/501361.6 MB
Trade Waste and Storm water bylaw breaches.PDFDOC/21/105703909.1 KB
Training on the public policy implications of the latest climate science.PDFDOC/21/74230186.7 KB
Unauthorised vegetation clearance.PDFDOC/21/90869900.6 KB
Vegetation control in Korokoro.PDFDOC/21/103431466.7 KB
Voluntary pay cuts by staff and elected officials.PDFDOC/20/1120163.5 MB
Wainuiomata Clean Fill.PDFDOC/20/104953.8 MB
Wainuiomata North Development Framework.PDFDOC/20/1733224.2 MB
Wainuiomata Closed Landfill.PDFDOC/21/9083623.7 MB
Waka Kotahi Footpath Funding Assistance.PDFDOC/21/89102572.8 KB
Waste Management.PDFDOC/20/1120143.1 MB
Water supply in Shaftesbury Grove.PDFDOC/21/89069115.9 KB
Wellington Regional Growth Framework.PDFDOC/21/89428663.6 KB
Grant Birkinshaw, consultation with Ngati Toa.PDF 216 KB