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Help guide the evolution of Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt

Want to help guide and inform the evolution of your city on a wide variety of topics and issues? If you join Hutt City Views – Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt Citizens’ Panel – you’ll be sent surveys and questionnaires that you can choose to fill out and have your say. You’ll be contacted about once every couple of months, and feedback could range from a simple number to sharing your personal experiences.

We need all ethnicities, ages (16+), genders, backgrounds, abilities, incomes and education levels to be represented, so if you’re keen, please do sign up! If you want to have your say but think you’re not who we’re looking for, think again. We want your thoughts.

Sign up here to start giving your thoughts on a wide variety of projects.

The Citizen’s Panel is administered by a contracted research group, Public Voice, on behalf of Hutt City Council. By signing up to the Citizen’s Panel your information will be shared with Public Voice and any third parties Public Voice uses to deliver their services. You can find out more about what Public Voice and their contracted parties do with your information in their privacy policy (Public Voice Privacy Policy).

When signing up to the Citizen’s Panel, you are asked to provide your:

  • name
  • email address
  • street address
  • demographic information such as your age, gender and ethnicity

Your contact information is collected by Public Voice to contact you about future surveys that relate to Hutt City Council and personalise contact with you. Demographic information is collected to help us understand the extent to which the Citizen’s Panel is representative of the broader Lower Hutt community. Providing this information is optional, however, if you don’t provide this information, you will not be able to sign up to the Citizen’s Panel to receive regular notifications that surveys are available. A separate privacy statement will be provided with each survey so that you can understand what, if any, personal information will be collected and how it will be used.

If you choose not to sign up to the Citizen’s Panel, you may still be able to participate in surveys via Have your say - Hutt City Council or via survey links provided on our Facebook page.

Your sign up data is held and secured by Public Voice and it will kept for as long as you wish to be a member of the Citizens’ Panel.  No other party will have access to your data. You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information held about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, to have it corrected or to opt out of the Citizens’ Panel at any time, please get in touch via

Citizens’ Panels provide local governments with an efficient and effective way to consult with their communities.

They take a representative sample of the local community who have agreed to participate in consultation activity. The number of participants can involve between 500 to 5,000 people.

Participants are normally recruited by a variety of random sampling methods. It is important to try and make sure that panel membership is broadly representative of the community population. The aim is to have a panel which best reflects the community. Efforts should be made to have broad representation across demographic and geographic variables.

Citizens’ Panel members are invited to complete surveys on a regular basis. A flexible approach can be taken to conducting surveys as it is possible to target particular groups – such as young people or ethnic minority groups. There is a diverse range of survey possibilities once the panel is up and running. Large quantitative research can be conducted or small-scale qualitative research.