Past Elections

Find out about past local government elections and by-elections.

The by-election for the position of Central Ward Councillor was held following a resignation.

The final result for the by-election that closed at midday on Friday 24 September 2021 is:

Hutt City Central Ward councillor (1 vacancy)

Family nameFirst name(s)AffiliationVotes receivedReturns
Barratt Glenda Independent 606 View
CaswellPhil 33View
HiltonAndrea 592View
MonradSimon 161View
RichterEvelyn 69View
RoperAsh 99View
Informal    8  
Blank Voting Papers    13  

Glenda BARRATT is declared elected.

The voter return was 24.15%, being 3282 votes.

Voting closed at noon on Tuesday 18 February 2020.

Final results

Family nameFirst name(s)AffiliationVotes receivedReturns
Voutratzis Alex   687 View
Monrad Simon   652 View
Muir Dawn   453 View
Crawford Sarah Independent 311 View

Alex VOUTRATZIS is declared elected. The voter return was 21.24%, being 2,117 votes.

Mayor (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Campbell Barry Labour  15,453
Ray Wallace Independent   13,034
James Anderson    1,525
George MacKay Independent   785
David L.F. Smith Independent  501
Informal    57
Blank voting papers   393

Campbell Barry is declared elected.

City wide (6 vacancies)AffiliationVotes received
Campbell Barry (withdrawn - elected as Mayor)  Labour  18,972
Josh Briggs Independent  12,047
Simon Edwards Independent  11,684
Naomi Shaw Independent 10,370
Shazly Rasheed Independent 10,215
Brady Dyer Independent  9,320
Deborah Hislop Independent  9,009
Michael Lulich Independent  8,539
Karen (Kaz) Yung Independent  8,107
Gabriel Tupou Independent  7,190
Tesh Kells Independent 6,499
James Anderson   6,434
Joshua Peaufi Independent  6,357
Michael Gray Buzz  6,340
Chris Norton Green  6,212
Kamiria Mid Thomas-Savelio Independent  6,108
Phil Sprey Independent  5,497
George MacKay Independent  5,495
Ashok Neil Parbhu Independent  3,524
Informal   215
Blank voting papers   553

Josh Briggs, Brady Dyer, Simon Edwards, Deborah Hislop, Shazly Rasheed and Naomi Shaw are declared elected.

Central Ward (1 vacancy)

No election was required as the number of candidates equalled the number of vacancies.
David Bassett is declared elected.

Eastern Ward (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Andy Mitchell  Independent   2,322
Glenda Barratt  Independent   2,135
Informal    0
Blank papers   344

Andy Mitchell is declared elected.

Harbour Ward (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Tui Lewis Independent  3,277 
Gavin Murphy The Man for the Future  1,495
Simon Monrad   1,112
Informal    12
Blank papers   439

Tui Lewis is declared elected.

Northern Ward (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Leigh Sutton Independent  1,921
Julie Englebretsen  Bring Back Julie  933
Casey Diver  Independent 792
Informal   5
Blank papers   212

Leigh Sutton is declared elected.

Wainuiomata Ward (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Keri Brown  Labour 3,825
Anania Randall Independent  1,639
Informal    7
Blank papers   369

Keri Brown is declared elected.

Western Ward (1 vacancy)AffiliationVotes received
Chris Milne The Man with a Plan 2,148
Chris Parkin Independent  1,476
Margaret Cousins Independent  1,294
Informal    13
Blank papers   207

Chris MILNE is declared elected.

Eastbourne Community Board (5 vacancies)AffiliationVotes received
Virginia Horrocks Independent  1,635
Bruce Spedding Independent  1,564
Belinda Moss Independent  1,439
Murray Gibbons   1,414
Frank Vickers Independent  1,095
Phil Sprey Independent  791
Informal    0
Blank papers   64

Murray Gibbons, Virginia Horrocks, Belinda Moss, Bruce Spedding and Frank Vickers are declared elected.

Petone Community Board (6 vacancies)Affiliation
Brady Dyer Independent
Mike Fisher Independent
Pam Hanna Independent
Mike Henderson Independent
Matt Roberts Independent
Karen (Kaz) Yung Independent
  • No election was required as the number of candidates equalled the number of vacancies.
  • A by-election is required for a vacancy on the Petone Community Board which has come about with the election of board member Brady Dyer to the Council. Details of the by-election will be available next week.
Wainuiomata Community Board (6 vacancies)AffiliationVotes received
Gabriel Tupou Independent  3,220
Gary Sue   3,010
Terry Stallworth   2,999
Dawn McKinley Independent 2,705
Jodie Winterburn  Independent  2,450
Sisi Tuala-Le'afa Independent  2,399
Paul Knox Independent  2,260
Anaterea Sa'u   1,891
Regan Gilmour   1,701
Elle Abel Independent  1,615
Informal    5
Blank papers   306

Dawn McKinley, Terry Stallworth, Gary Sue, Sisi Tuala-Le'afa, Gabriel Tupou and Jodie Winterburn are declared elected.

The voter return was 43.0%, being 31,748 votes, including special votes.

Hutt Valley District Health Board (7 vacancies)

Wayne Guppy   Elected
Ken Laban    Elected
Josh Briggs  Independent Elected
Richard Stein    Elected
Prue Lamason Independent Elected
Keri Brown Labour Elected
Naomi Shaw Independent Elected
David Ogden Healthy Hutt Excluded
John Terris Independent Excluded
Cheryl Davies   Excluded
Steve Taylor Independent Excluded
Kamiria Mid Thomas-Savelio Independent Excluded
Gabriel Tupou Independent Excluded

Josh Briggs, Keri Brown, Wayne Guppy, Ken Laban, Prue Lamason, Naomi Shaw and Richard Stein are declared elected.

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 4,829.11. There were 1,322 informal votes and 2,592 blank votes.

Return of Electoral Donations and Expenses

View the 2019 candidate donation and expense returns.

Electoral donation and expense returns must be published, and available for the public to view for 7 years.

The two candidates for the vacated position on the Wainuiomata Community Board were Keri Brown - Labour and Gary Sue - Independent. View the candidate profiles (PDF 439.5KB)

Election result

Keri Brown is declared elected. The voter return was 27.07% being 3,494 votes.

Wainuiomata Community Board (1 vacancy) Votes receivedReturns
BROWN, Keri Labour 1,782 View
SUE, Gary Independent 1,698 View
Informal 0  
Blank voting papers 14

Elections were held by postal voting. Lower Hutt is divided into six wards. Two Councillors are elected for each of these wards, while the Mayor is elected across the city. Community Boards are elected for Eastbourne, Petone and Wainuiomata.

Final Results

MayoraltyAffiliation Votes Received
Ray Wallace Independent 20,585
James Anderson   1,925
Glenda Dawn Barratt Independent 1,706
Phil (Stratty) Stratford Independent 1,101
David L.F. Smith Independent 654
Informal   73
Blank voting papers   852

Ray Wallace is declared elected.

Western Ward (2 Vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Chris Milne The Man with a Plan 2,277
Margaret Cousins Independent 1,731
Max Shierlaw Independent 1,367
Joy Skye   950
Karim Dickie Independent 749
Lynette Vigrass Independent 627
Informal   10
Blank voting papers   94

Margaret Cousins and Chris Milne are declared elected.

Harbour Ward (2 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Tui Lewis Independent 3,052
Michael Lulich Independent 2,273
Brady Dyer Independent 1,631
Mason Branch Independent 1,181
Mike Fisher Independent 805
Informal   9
Blank voting papers   195

Tui Lewis and Michael Lulich are declared elected.

Northern Ward (2 Vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Gwen McDonald Independent 2,044
Leigh Sutton Independent 1,432
Dina Awarau Labour Party 1,115
Fred Allen Team Fred Allen 946
Tania Karaitianga-Ugone Independent 736
Informal   4
Blank voting papers   62

Gwen McDonald and Leigh Sutton are declared elected.

Central Ward (2 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
David Bassett Independent 3,636
Simon Edwards Independent 2,778
Mark Leicester Independent 2,648
Informal   7
Blank voting papers   91

David Bassett and Simon Edwards are declared elected.

Eastern Ward (2 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Lisa Bridson Green Party 2,412
Glenda Dawn Barratt Independent 2,073
Roger Styles Independent 2,067
Informal   4
Blank voting papers   111

Glenda Dawn Barratt and Lisa Bridson are declared elected.

Wainuiomata Ward (2 Vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Campbell Barry Independent 3,491
Josh Briggs Independent 2,299
Margaret Willard Independent  1,775
Leah Clark   610
Kia Houpapa Independent Maori 533
Informal   14
Blank voting papers   87

Campbell Barry and Josh Briggs are declared elected.

Petone Community Board (6 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Pam Hanna Independent 1,476
Mason Branch Independent 1,443
Brady Dyer Independent 1,435
Mike Fisher Independent 1,428
Peter Foaese Independent  1,352
Karen Yung Independent 1,223
Larissa Davidson   1,193
Ailsa Webb Independent 1,154
Mike Henderson Independent  1,032
Dawn Muir   942
Gerald Davidson   937
Matt Roberts Independent 798
Informal   12
Blank voting papers   119

Mason Branch, Brady Dyer, Mike Fisher, Peter Foaese, Pam Hanna and Karen Yung are declared elected.

Eastbourne Community Board (5 vacancies)AffiliationVotes Received
Robert Ashe Green Party 1,158
Virginia Horrocks   1,094
Murray Gibbons   958
Anna Sutherland Independent 779
Liz Knight   715
Neil Newman Independent 675
Bruce Spedding Independent 634
Will Bearman   615
Graham Seabrook   293
Informal   4
Blank voting papers   69

Robert Ashe, Murray Gibbons, Virginia Horrocks, Liz Knight and Anna Sutherland are declared elected.

Wainuiomata Community Board (6 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Margaret Willard Independent 3,055
Terry Stallworth   2,770
Gabriel Tupou Independent 2,524
Jodie Alexander Independent 2,373
Richard Sinnot Independent 2,319
Sisi Tuala-Le'afa Independent 2,238
Paul Knox   2,021
Michael Francis Grigg Independent 1,577
Informal   8
Blank voting papers   146

Jodie Alexander, Richard Sinnott, Terry Stallworth, Sisi Tuala-Le'afa, Gabriel Tupou and Margaret Willard are declared elected.

The voter return was 37.84%, being 26,896 voting papers, including special votes.

Hutt Valley District Health Board

Hutt Valley District Health Board (7 vacancies)AffiliationOutcome
Wayne Guppy Independent elected
Ken Laban Independent elected
Prue Lamason Independent elected
Katy Ausin Independent elected
Lisa Bridson Green Party elected
John Terris Independent elected
David Ogden Healthy Hutt elected
Jodie Alexander Independent excluded
Chris Milne The Man with a Plan excluded
Sandra Vanessa Greig Independent excluded
Steve Taylor   excluded
Kath Allen Team Fred Allen excluded
Hellen Swales Independent excluded
Mark Futter Independent excluded
Leonie Margaret Dobbs   excluded
Roger Styles Independent excluded
Bob Hickson   excluded

Katy Austin, Lisa Bridson, Wayne Guppy, Ken Laban, Prue Lamason, David Ogden and John Terris are declared elected.

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 4,073.55. There were 1,486 informal votes and 2,652 blank votes.

Hutt Mana Charitable Trust

Lower Hutt (2 vacancies)Affiliation Votes Received
Ken Laban Independent 13,968
Prue Lamason Independent 12,116
Campbell Barry Independent 10,506
David Bassett Independent 9,533
Informal   53
Blank voting papers   1,170

Ken Laban and Prue Lamason are declared elected

Return of Electoral Donations and Expenses

Candidates are required by law to submit a return of electoral donations and expenses following elections.

The return is required to be submitted to the Electoral Officer by Friday 9 December 2016, which is 55 days after the declaration of the final results were made.

Copies of completed returns are required to be published so that they are available for public scrutiny and continue to be publicly available for a period of 7 years.

The candidate returns will be published as they are received.  View candidate donation and expense returns received to date for the 2016 local body elections.