Resident satisfaction survey

Hutt City written in dark blue with a representation of the river between Hutt and City. In smaller dark blue text below is Te Awa Kairangi. The logo is presented on a mid-blue background with light blue topographical markings. banner image

Hutt City Council’s 2023 Residents’ Satisfaction Survey has shown how much locals value our community spaces and recreational facilities, while also identifying areas needing further work.

Resident have maintained high satisfaction with museums, community hubs and libraries, swimming pools and sports grounds in Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt, along with rubbish and recycling services.

Concerns about roading and three waters infrastructure align with what we heard in our early engagement on the Long Term Plan, confirming Council’s focus on roading and water infrastructure as a priority.

In a new question for 2023, 40% of residents expressed confidence that Council takes community feedback into account when making decisions. However, 37% expressed disagreement, while 24% remained neutral.

Community feedback is an important part of the decision-making process, and Hutt City Council is keen to work on ensuring that more residents have their say and feel heard.

A huge thank you to the 1719 residents who responded to the survey between March and April.

You can read the full survey report here.