Notices of requirement

Notices of requirement are how requiring authorities designate land for a particular activity, often a public work.

What is a Notice of Requirement?

A Notice of Requirement is an application by a requiring authority such as a Minister of the Crown, a network utility operator or a local authority for a designation for a particular activity, often a public work.

Designations are district plan provisions that allow land to be used for public works and other essential projects. If the needs of a requiring authority change, the requiring authority can apply for their existing designation to be altered or removed.

Information about designations

When an application for a Notice of Requirement is received by Council we process it in accordance with the Resource Management Act.

  • This may involve public notification, submissions and a hearing (if required).
  • Following notification, submissions  and a hearing, Council makes a recommendation to the requiring authority that they either confirm, modify or withdraw the requirement.
  • The requiring authority then accepts or rejects our recommendation in whole or in part.
  • The decision is then notified and there is an appeal period. If a Notice of Requirement is confirmed, it is included as a designation in the District Plan.

All actual costs related to processing a Notice of Requirement, including Council officers’ time and hearing costs, are borne by the Requiring Authority. These costs are outlined in Council's Long Term Plan.

Notice of Requirement for the Eastern Hills Reservoir

Hutt City Council has received a Notice of Requirement for a designation for a new reservoir at the top of Summit Road, Fairfield (37 Summit Road). Hutt City Council is also the requiring authority for this reservoir as a provider of water infrastructure.

The proposed designation for the reservoir would provide for construction, operation and maintenance of the reservoir. Construction activities will include bulk earthworks, vegetation clearance and installation of new pipes connecting to the reservoir.

This Notice of Requirement has been publicly notified for submissions.

Public Notice of the Notice of Requirement (PDF 101 kb)

Any person may make a submission on the notice of requirement (although restrictions apply if you could gain advantage in trade competition through the submission).

Submissions may be lodged:

  • By email:
  • By post: Policy Planning Team, Hutt City Council, Private Bag 31912, Lower Hutt 5040
  • In Person: Council Administration Building, 30 Laings Road,  Lower Hutt

Submissions must be written on, or in accordance with, Form 21 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedure) Regulations.

Submission form (PDF 282 kb)

Submission forms are also available:

  • At the Customer Services Counter, Council Administration Building, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt
  • On request, by contacting Hutt City Council at 0800 488 824 or

Submissions close on Friday, 3 May 2024.