Notices of requirement

Notices of requirement are how requiring authorities designate land for a particular activity, often a public work.

What a Notice of Requirement is

A Notice of Requirement is an application by a requiring authority such as a Minister of the Crown, a network utility operator or a local authority to designate land for a particular activity, often a public work.

Notices of Requirement process

When an application for a Notice of Requirement is received by Council we process it in accordance with the Resource Management Act.

  • This may involve public notification, submissions and a hearing (if required).
  • We recommend that the requiring authority confirm, modify or withdraw the requirement.
  • The requiring authority then accepts or rejects our recommendation in whole or in part.
  • The decision is then notified and there is an appeal period. If a Notice of Requirement is confirmed, it's included as a designation in the District Plan.

Current Notices of Requirement

There are currently no Notices of Requirement. The last one was in 2010.

Make a submission on a Notice of Requirement

If you want to comment on Notices of Requirement that are open for submission, you can send in a written submission.

Submission form

What it costs

All actual costs related to the requirement, including Council officers’ time, will be borne by the Requiring Authority as follows:

Notice of Requirement and Alterations to Notices of Requirement (deposit)


All work undertaken by Council officers in connection with the requirement shall be charged against the deposit at:

Administrative officer or intermediate/graduate planner $175.00 per hour
Senior/principal/team leader $195.00 per hour

Hearing Commissioner time shall be recovered for time spent in hearings and deliberating (per hour).


Council Commissioners:
Independent Commissioners:
Member of hearing panel:


Actual cost
Actual cost

Please note:

  • If the requirement is notified publicly, advertising charges will be actual costs payable by the Requiring Authority.
  • All information requested by Council shall be supplied at the Requiring Authority’s cost.
  • All work undertaken by independent consultants, advisors and/or specialists in connection with the requirement shall be charged at the actual costs plus disbursements against the deposit.
  • Actual costs of any external venue or equipment hire to run a successful hearing shall be borne by the applicant.

Designation amendments

Designations are District Plan provisions under Part 8 of the Resource Management Act that allow land to be used for public works and other essential projects. If the needs of a requiring authority change, the requiring authority can apply for an existing designation to be altered or removed.

The table below includes information on all current applications for amendments to designations.

Information about designations