Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre

An artist's impression of the new Naenae Pool & Fitness Centre, a alrge building with a pou at the entrance and a hydroslide. banner image

Find out more about how we are rebuilding the Naenae Pool.

Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre

The new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre is one of the most significant infrastructure projects underway in Lower Hutt. The new pool will be will be returned to our communities and aquatic sports groups from the wider region in mid-late 2024.

The 50m Olympic pool will have 10 lanes and two moveable bulkheads so it can be used for different activities at the same time. A second leisure pool will have a shallow section for family fun, and a deep section with ramp access, seating and hydro jets for maximum accessibility. A splash pad will keep the little ones entertained, along with a bookable poolside birthday party room.

The community told us they wanted the hydro slide back (or "zoom tube" as its known in Lower Hutt) so we're bringing back not one, but two zoom tubes for double the fun! A fitness centre and outdoor BBQ area round out what will be a regional attraction and restore the beating heart to Naenae town centre.

The project has been strongly community-led and is using local suppliers and contractors to benefit our communities. It will be New Zealand's first Green Star Five rated aquatic centre and will reduce emissions of the old pool by 50%.

Explore inside

To take a 360 view of inside the pool areas simply click on the image below then  move your phone or drag the image to move and view the space from all angles.

Main Pool
Inside view main pool
Leisure Pool
Inside pool with play area

Video description: Check out an overview of recent progress on the Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre.

About the Project


Deconstruction completed & construction begins

Stage 1 - Foundations
Stage 2 – Structural frame complete
Stage 3 – Roof, glazing and cladding commences
Stage 4 – Pool and building services, internal walls and pool tanks
Stage 5 – Internal fit-out, final touches, test and commissioning complete
Grand opening

The new pool and fitness centre will include:

50m Olympic-size pool to FINA requirements – 10 lanes wide

2 moveable bulkheads to enable multi-use of the main pool
2 zoom tubes
Spectator seating for up to 600 people
Leisure pool with family-friendly shallow section and deep section with ramp access, seating area and hydro jets
Splash pool for young children
Special poolside party room for birthdays
Fitness room and Gym
Improved connection to the outside space
Improved access with single level across all public spaces
Outdoor BBQ area with seating and sunshades

In line with our commitment to being carbon zero by 2050, the build and design of the new pool has a strong sustainability focus.

The old Naenae Olympic Pool ran on natural gas and was a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The new pool will reduce emissions by nearly 50%.

The design team is working alongside crown agency Callaghan Innovation to support being the first aquatic centre in New Zealand to have a Green Star Five rating.

Achieving this rating starts right at the start, and we recycled or reused 90% of all building materials, saving more than 13,000 tonnes of scrap metal and concrete from going to landfill. For example, concrete from the pool and bleachers was crushed on site and re-used to fill the pool void.

Sustainability features will include:

A building resilient to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters High efficiency heat recovery air-conditioning units providing dehumidification and air-conditioning                                                
High level of maintenance and serviceability of services and structure Metering and monitoring of energy and water use
Using sun-shading or smaller windows to reduce heat gain and high efficiency glazing using low-E glass and thermally broken framing Centralised heating, cooling and electrical systems
Stainless steel tank construction - less embodied carbon than concrete base/walls Solar PV system (upgrade option)
The use of Glued laminated timber for the main pool hall structures Energy efficient LED lights
EV parks with charging points and secure bike stands Fine tuning of pool water temperatures
High quality indoor air quality; high standards of acoustic, lighting, visual and thermal comfort Energy efficient pool services, for e.g., backwash water heat recovery
Ability to separate operational waste

In 2021 Council approved a budget of $68m as part of the 10-year plan. In 2020 Council received co-funding of $27M from central government as part of investment in COVID Response and Recovery, which will be managed through a partnership with Crown Infrastructure Projects (CIP) via the Government’s Infrastructure Reference Group Fund.

Work on the new pool began following an extensive community consultation project in 2019. In 2021, we shared draft concept designs with the community resulting in the  Voice of the Community Part 2 which has helped to shape the final design.

The Naenae Community Advisory Group meets regularly to provide a voice of the  Naenae community on the pool project. For more information, please contact

  1. When will it open?

    We will be opening later in 2024.

  2. Will there be a diving board?

    The main pool is 2m deep which is not deep enough for diving; however, we are considering a bombing platform/zone.

  3. How many showers are there?

    There are four showers in each of the dry changing rooms for female and male, four showers in the family/gender neutral change area and five accessible changing rooms with showers. There are also pool-side showers in the leisure pool and lane pool to rinse off after a swim.

  4. Will there be a sauna?

    There is no sauna.

  5. Will there be a spa pool?

    There is future provision for a communal spa to be fitted, and there is a spa seat/hydrotherapy bench in the deep leisure pool with water jets.

  6. How much will it cost to get in?

    It will cost the same to swim at Naenae as all our other pools.

  7. How much water will the main pool hold?

    The main pool when full will hold 2,600,000 litres of water. This includes the water under the two bulkheads.

  8. How do you clean it?

    The pool is self-cleaning and has appropriate finishes for periodic clean down.

  9. Does it have solar panels?

    Not currently, but the facility is solar ready and can be retrofitted in the future.

  10. Will there be car-parking?

    There will be general car-parking available in the town centre, accessible parking on Everest Ave and family and accessible parking behind the pool building, including EV chargers.

  11. What happened to the Vogel St trees?

    The trees at the south-west end of the park are being removed. It was hoped some of the trees could be retained, however an arborist’s report showing some of the trees are not in good health and would not likely do well with the changes planned to take place around them. The decision to remove the trees was made in consultation with the Community Advisory Group for the project. Over time they will be replaced by native tree species that connect and represent the Naenae environment and culture. They will be resilient to pruning, allowing for lifted canopies, creating more openness across the space and improving safety for the community around the new facility.

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