More zoom for new Naenae Pool

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Published: 22 June 2022

The new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre is getting double the zoom with the addition of a second zoom tube. It’ll also have more flexibility with the inclusion of a second moveable bulkhead. Both additions have been approved to be included into the final design following feedback from community and aquatic sports users. Both additional items can be met within the approved $68m budget.

“I know lots of young people have missed being able to ride the hydro-slide, or as we say in Lower Hutt, “Zoom tube”.  I’m excited to be able to announce not just one but two zoom tubes will be included in the new pool,” said Mayor Campbell Barry.

“Even better, both fibreglass tubes will be made right here in Lower Hutt by a local business.”

The Project team is working with hydro-slide designers New Wave Aquatics on the design of the two zoom tubes. The second slide will be aimed at rangatahi with more challenging twists and turns, transparent sections that give the sense of flying through space and a sphere to put riders into a spin.  The original Zoom tube is aimed at a younger age group with slightly softer turns but just as many thrills.

The fibreglass tubes will be made locally by a company in Wingate who have worked with New Wave Aquatics before.

“This project is about delivering many things for our local community but first and foremost is a fun, multipurpose centre where people can take part in all sorts of activities.

“The pool was a great family activity for residents in Lower Hutt and Wellington for years and decisions like this will guarantee it continues to entertain generations to come,” Mayor Barry said.

The addition of a second bulkhead will enable the main 50m pool to be split into three allowing multiple activities to happen simultaneously.  This flexibility will mean the main pool can be used by the community and schools while aquatic sports groups are using it. This functionality was one of the key elements wanted by all users of the pool and was a key focus of feedback during engagement late last year.

Hutt City Council Chief Executive Jo Miller says Council is focused on making this new state of the art facility accessible, multipurpose and highly successful to drive more people to visit the area and use the facilities at any one time.

“To make that happen we need to ensure we build a centre people want to visit and these additions are another example of how we are listening and delivering on what our community wants,” Jo Miller says.