Events support fund

This fund supports and encourages the hosting of local events. Find out about how to apply and the kinds of projects that can get funding.

About the Events Support Fund

We give priority to:

  • events that support key Council plans and strategies such as the Long Term Plan and the Events Strategy
  • events that help to build our community and city identity
  • events that use or showcase city assets eg, parks, harbours, facilities

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • have legal status as charitable trusts or incorporated societies that have the right to receive or administer charitable funding
  • be based in Hutt City
  • be planning an event/activity in Hutt City.

Events Strategy (PDF 1 Mb)

Available funding and application dates


Month of event

Funding allocation

Closing date




Last working day in June or until funding allocation exhausted




Last working day in September or until funding allocation exhausted




Last working day in December or until funding allocation exhausted




Last working day in March or until funding
allocation exhausted

What we fund

We are looking to support events that:

  • will be held in a public place within Lower Hutt and benefit our community
  • are open to everyone, not just particular sectors of the community
  • make a positive contribution to our community outcomes, as listed in our current Long Term Plan (LTP)
  • haven’t started before the application has been assessed
  • show how they are of benefit to Lower Hutt residents

What we don't fund

We won’t fund event costs that go towards:

  • facility development or funding for capital works
  • eliminating or servicing debt
  • administration costs, such as telephone, electricity, employment costs and vehicle costs
  • prize money or entrance fees
  • food and beverage including lunches, private functions or dinners, purchase of alcohol
  • travel
  • accommodation
  • feasibility studies
  • legal costs
  • uniforms, costumes or T-shirts
  • items that have been already paid for, or events which have passed, at the time of your application
  • events that directly conflict with another event run or supported by Council
  • events of a primarily political or religious nature

Funding rules

Successful applicants must:

  • use funds only for the approved purpose and in line with any terms and conditions we've set
  • use the grant within three months of deposit into your bank account and for the purpose stated on your application form.
  • let Council’s funding officer know immediately if any difficulty or potential difficulty arises that may compromise the service or project
  • allow us to audit the use of the funds if we decide to
  • recognise our support in all publicity material, annual reports and similar publications
  • complete an online Accountability Report no later than six weeks after completing the project and outline how the funds were used and how the community benefited
  • return the unspent amount of the grant funds along with an Accountability Report to account for the grant money you have spent.
  • lay a complaint with Police if any funds are stolen or misappropriated, and then notify us
  • present back to the Community Board/Funding Panel to show how the project/event met its objectives.

How to apply

Fill in an application form and return to

Past successful applicants

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