Events support fund

About the Events Support Fund

This fund offers financial support to the delivery of local community, not-for-profit events to foster diversity and character within our city. We want to promote a vibrant mix of community and cultural events throughout the year.

In order to be considered for the Events Support fund your event should align with the following guidelines:

  • Showcase our city assets; held in a venue or public space in Lower Hutt
  • Supports local talent, businesses and/or organisations (directly/indirectly)
  • Encourages active community participation and therefore make a positive contribution to community outcomes
  • Be accessible and inclusive (free or minimal entry fee)
  • Your organisation is based in Lower Hutt
  • Commitment to environmentally sustainable practices
    • Events must be smokefree
    • Events for over 1000 guests must have a waste management plan

Value of support

There is $12,500 available per quarter (July 2022 – June 2023) to dispense to a variety of community led events. Funding applications can be considered at any time during this period. Applications should to be submitted at least 4-weeks prior to your event date to allow time for evaluation and approval.

  • Cash investment between $250 - $2000
  • Investment is also available in the form of Council Officer time for event facilitation advice

Please note, your organisation must have legal status as charitable trusts or incorporated societies that have the right to receive or administer charitable funding (we are not able to support corporate or business activities)

Events Strategy (PDF 1 Mb)

  • facility development or funding for capital works
  • eliminating or servicing debt
  • administration costs, such as telephone, electricity, employment costs and vehicle costs
  • prize money or entrance fees
  • food and beverage including lunches, private functions or dinners, purchase of alcohol
  • travel
  • accommodation
  • feasibility studies
  • legal costs
  • uniforms, costumes or T-shirts
  • items that have been already paid for, or events which have passed, at the time of your application
  • events that directly conflict with another event run or supported by Council
  • events of a primarily political or religious nature

Successful applicants must:

  • use funds only for the approved purpose and in line with any terms and conditions we've set
  • use the grant within three months of deposit into your bank account and for the purpose stated on your application form.
  • complete an online Accountability Report no later than six weeks after completing the project and outline how the funds were used, how the community benefited from your event, how the event met it’s objectives
  • let Council’s funding officer know immediately if any difficulty or potential difficulty arises that may compromise the service or project
  • allow us to audit the use of the funds if we decide to
  • recognise our support in all publicity material, annual reports and similar publications
  • return the unspent amount of the grant funds along with an Accountability Report to account for the grant money you have spent.
  • lay a complaint with Police if any funds are stolen or misappropriated, and then notify us

How to apply

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