Te Tira Māori

Find out about how we weave Māori culture into our work at Hutt City Council.

Kaitātari Tumuaki Māori

The purpose of this role is to ensure that strategic relationships between Māori and Council are identified, maintained, supported and developed to fulfil the statutory responsibilities of Council to Māori and to ensure Council’s commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Pou Reo Me Hōna Tikanga

The purpose of this role is to build a culturally capable Council.

We place an emphasis on the development of our people and the organisation’s capacity to respond more effectively to Māori as a key element in strengthening Council’s partnership with mana whenua and in delivering more effective services.

Pou Mahere Rautaki

The purpose of this role is to facilitate the development of the strategic approach to effective Māori engagement.

Through the development of Ngā Kīwei o Te Kete (an overarching Effective Māori Engagement Strategy) and subsequent policies, Council will have mechanisms for effective monitoring, review and evaluation of our partnership with Māori.

Outputs of the Effective Māori Engagement Strategy will include:

  • a Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Policy
  • Tākai Here (Memoranda of Partnership)
  • a Naming Policy
  • a Koha Policy
  • enabling Council to leverage certain projects that value Te Ao Māori while establishing a benchmark for ongoing performance measurement.

Elements of valuing Te Ao Māori include recognition of, and provision for, tikanga Māori, recognising the validity and importance of mātauranga Māori, and seeking to view the world, and council decisions, from a Māori perspective.