Covid-19 FAQs

Following a review of our COVID-19 risk assessment, and taking into account the Governments changes to the Traffic Light Settings, recognising our community’s high vaccination rates, and that we are now in a different phase of living with Omicron, we decided that My Vaccine Passes will no longer be required at our sites and facilities from 5 April.

Refer to our HCC COVID Protection Framework for information on how our sites will work under the traffic light system.

Face masks are mandatory at public facilities, helping to keep you and others safe. They provide personal protection with a physical barrier, working alongside our other measures like physical distancing, occupancy numbers, and good hygiene.

Red, Orange or Green are the three settings that form the COVID-19 Protection Framework, also known as the Traffic Light System. Government defines each region’s settings based on current risk. The initial settings were based on vaccination rates, with the current settings based on community transmission with Omicron.

Our health and safety measures are based on Government advice under the Traffic Light System. These will continue to be in place as required.

No – From 5 April 2022 you will no longer be required to provide your My Vaccine Pass at our community facilities including libraries, pools, museums, and hubs.

Rates are a tax on property, not a charge for services. Rates are set to have a range of facilities available for use across the city, which people can choose to use, or not. Not being vaccinated is a personal choice and will be treated as any other choice not to use the service.

Under Government guidelines, pool staff are exempt from wearing masks.