Covid-19 FAQs

Our top priority is to keep our staff and community safe and to continue to deliver services to our community.

The COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) is central to the Government’s new minimise and protect strategy. The hard truth is that COVID-19 will spread around New Zealand, and we need to be prepared. The framework is our best tool to do this. It is intended to give as much certainty and stability as possible for people and businesses, reducing the need for widespread lockdowns.

Staff are happy to assist you with accessing and downloading your vaccine pass.

  • Eastbourne Library
  • Moera Library
  • Naenae Library
  • Petone Library
  • War Memorial Library
  • Koraunui Stokes Valley Community Hub
  • Wainuiomata Community Hub
  • Walter Nash Centre
  • Naenae Clubhouse
  • Coco Pop Up (Naenae Community Space)
  • Huia Pool & Fitness
  • Stokes Valley Pool & Fitness
  • Eastbourne Summer Pool
  • McKenzie Baths Summer Pool
  • Wainuiomata Summer Pool
  • The Dowse Art Museum
  • Petone Settlers Museum
  • Lower Hutt Events Centre

Face coverings are mandatory at public facilities, helping to keep you and others safe. They provide personal protection with a physical barrier, working alongside our other measures like physical distancing, occupancy numbers, and good hygiene.

Green, Orange and Red are the settings that form the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, also known as the Traffic Light System. Government defines each region’s settings based on current risk. Settings are been based on vaccination rates, current transmission, and the ability for the health care system to continue to function.

Our health and safety measures are based on Government advice under the new Traffic Light System. These will continue to be in place as required.

At Red, only essential public toilets will be open and maintained. Essential public toilets are those on main freight lines, as well as those requested to have been opened by essential services. This includes:

  • All toilets that are next to playgrounds
  • Taita Cemetery, Gate 4 (main entrance)
  • Percy Scenic Reserve
  • Days Bay, Eastbourne (Changing Rooms are closed)
  • Petone Esplanade (near Bay Street)
  • Riddiford Garden

Your My Vaccine Pass is required to access to our community facilities that request it. You can use computers at our facilities to download and print your My Vaccine Pass and staff will support you to do this.

Rates are a tax on property, not a charge for services. Rates are set to have a range of facilities available for use across the city, which people can choose to use, or not. Not being vaccinated is a personal choice and will be treated as any other choice not to use the service.

My Vaccine Passes are one of a number of tools available to keep our staff and community safe that. We, like many other councils in the Wellington region (including Porirua, Wellington and Kāpiti) and nationally (like Auckland and Christchurch), have implemented this in our community facilities.

Council will still be providing some safe contact-less services that don’t require a My Vaccine Pass.

Our normal processes around parent supervision are in place. Those under 12 years and 3 months are not required to show a vaccine pass to enter.

Yes, those under 12 years and 3 months are not required to show a My Vaccine Pass to enter businesses. However, our normal processes around parent supervision are in place.

Anyone over 12 years and 3 months will need to provide a copy of My Vaccine Pass to enter our community facilities.

Access your vaccine pass at My Covid Record. Staff are happy to assist with accessing, downloading, and printing your My Vaccine Pass.

Those with an exemption are still able to download a My Vaccine Pass and will be able to enter our facilities.

Pools will hold your membership upon your written request for 6 weeks to allow you time to get a vaccine pass. After that if you still do not have a vaccine pass your membership may need to be cancelled.

Yes, you can contact Pools+Fitness to cancel your gym membership and be refunded (the remainder of your term).

No, pre-paid Concession Cards are non-refundable. However, they have a 4 year life-span and if it is close to the expiry date you can contact Pools+Fitness to ask for an extension.

To ensure we meet Government physical distancing requirements, we have had to restrict use of some of our computers or furniture.

Under Government guidelines, pool staff are exempt from wearing face coverings.

To provide an accurate record of your movements, you should scan in whenever you enter a building/site/location. This will enable you to receive early notification if you have been at a location of interest and helps trace your movements if you contract COVID-19. It can be difficult to remember your movements in the days following an event, which is why scanning in every time you enter a building provides a clear record.

To meet Government physical distancing requirements which are a further tool to support the health and safety of staff and customers, we have had to consider the space available at our community facilities and put restrictions on occupancy, based on our ability to allow for adequate distancing and movement of people around the site.

No – My Vaccine Passes are required to visit our community facilities and this requires two vaccinations.

No – although we may request ID if it is deemed necessary.