Mouri Ora fund

This fund combines the previous Mahia Atu Community and Mahia Atu Partnership funds and supports initiatives that fit our vision, are showing good results and are showing collaboration. Find out about how to apply and the kinds of projects that can get funding.

About the Mouri Ora Fund

We're looking for projects that:

  • are clearly making a difference
  • use collaborative approaches
  • are from well managed organisations
  • use innovative approaches
  • have community ownership.

Our principles shaping our approach include:

  • community led, locally owned visions, goals, and initiatives
  • equity recognising different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to achieve equitable wellbeing outcomes

Community Funding Plan 2021-2031 (PDF 2.4MB)

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • have charitable or legal status if applying for funding over $10,000
  • be based in Hutt City
  • be planning an event/activity in Hutt City
  • groups with no legal status may apply for funding of up to $10,000 (proof of healthy finances, spending and budgets required)

Funding rules

Successful applicants must:

  • use funds only for the approved purpose and in line with any terms and conditions we've set
  • use funds by June 30 of the following year
  • submit an online Accountability Report no later than six weeks after completing the project, or no later than 30 June
  • let Council’s funding officer know immediately if any difficulty or potential difficulty arises that may compromise the service or project
  • allow us to audit the use of the funds if we decide to
  • recognise our support in all publicity material, annual reports and similar publications
  • lay a complaint with Police if any funds are stolen or misappropriated, and then notify us
  • present back to the Community Board/Funding Panel to show how the project/event met its objectives.

How to apply

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Funding dates

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