Alcohol in public

Find out where you can and can't drink in public in Lower Hutt.

Large areas of Hutt City are now 24-hour alcohol free zones. This includes a number of our parks and gardens, the CBD, and suburban shopping centres across the city.

This doesn't apply to licensed premises or their outdoor areas, or to people carrying unopened alcohol containers from licensed premises to areas outside the alcohol free zone or to a private property.

There is also a 9pm - 5am ban on consuming alcohol in public areas across the city.

If you see this sign, you can't drink in public here:


You can find out exact locations where you can and can't drink in our bylaw.

Alcohol in public places bylaw

Research has found that alcohol is a factor in the majority of arrests made for disorder, violence and sexual offending in the city.

To manage public consumption of alcohol, we work with Police, Regional Public Health, ACC, Upper Hutt City Council, ALAC, the Fire Service and the Hospitality Association. This involves creating and policing liquor ban areas, event management, dealing with enforcement and licensing issues, alcohol accords and education activities.

The penalty for breaching an alcohol ban is an infringement fee of $250.

If you want permission to hold an event where a limited amount of alcohol will be consumed in a public place, contact us.

You'll need to apply for a special license or an exemption from the bylaw.

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