Celebrating the progress of Naenae Pool construction

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Published: 17 December 2023

Construction of the new Naenae Pool & Fitness Centre has made immense progress this year.

These photos show the pace of the construction in 2023.

An aerial view of the empty site of the Naenae Pool

On 1 January the foundation works were complete and ready for construction of the new building to begin.

An image of the construction of the new Naenae Pool.

By the end of February, the pre-cast concrete panels were installed along the Eastern side of the site bordering Naenae Bowling Club.

An aerial view of Naenae Pool under construction

In May, the 34m long timber beams made by NZ firm Techlam in Levin were in place.

View of the birdcage scaffolding inside the main pool hall in September 2023.

A view inside the main pool hall and the birdcage scaffolding in September.

Inside the main pool hall of the Naenae Pool under construction November 2023

A view inside the main pool hall in November with the birdcage scaffolding beginning to come down.

Concrete panels along Everest Avenue, Naenae.

The concrete panels, made by Lattey Group in Levin, installed along Everest Avenue in November.

An aerial shot of Naenae Pool under construction, taken on 1 November 2023.

Fast forward to December, and the structure is in place and the roof panels nearly installed.

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