Naenae Projects

Find out about the projects we're doing in Naenae: rebuilding the Naenae Pool and rejuvenating the city centre.

About the Naenae Pool project

In April 2019, we closed the Naenae Olympic Pool to the public because it wasn't safe in case of an earthquake.

Following a community consultation project in 2019, we've decided to build another pool in Naenae.

Pool and Fitness project on Have your Say

About the Naenae Town Centre project

The Naenae community has a vision for their city centre.

This has resulted in the development of the Naenae Spatial Plan showing how the Naenae town centre may be transformed in a way to support the community's vision.

Due to the close dependencies of these two projects the Naenae Pool and Spatial Plan Projects were combined in October 2020 to better align and manage the opportunity and any potential risk.

Spatial Plan project on Have Your Say.