Annual Plans and Long Term Plans

We follow the advice of the Local Government Act, which requires us to produce and follow three kinds of plans. These are our Long Term Plan, our Annual Plan, and our Annual Report.

Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is Council’s key strategic document.

Long Term Plan for 2021-2031

It sets out our priorities for the next 10 years, including what we will do, how much it will cost and how we will fund it. It is reviewed every three years to make sure it is still relevant and accurate. The LTP enables Council to make decisions that take into account the whole region, its goals and its resources.

In a LTP year, the first year of the LTP serves as the Annual Plan, too.

In non-LTP years, we develop an Annual Plan to reflect any changes to the LTP that are required for the year ahead.

Annual Plan

Annual Plan 2022-2023 (PDF 7.3 MB)

We prepare an Annual Plan for each financial year between our LTP review years. For example, when we updated our Long Term Plan in 2021 we didn't produce an Annual Plan for that year.

The Annual Plan is more operational than the LTP. It includes our annual budget and the funding impact statement for the year, and any significant variations from the current Long Term Plan. Our financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Archive of past Annual and Long Term Plans