About the plan change process

The proposed plan change must be publicly notified, and there is an opportunity to make a submission (during the first phase) and further submission (during the second phase) on the proposal. A public hearing is normally held for those submitters wishing to speak to their submission. Once we have made the decision, it may be appealed to the Environment Court by any submitter.

There are two phases during which we accept submissions on proposed plan changes:

  1. The first phase is when the proposed plan change is first publicly notified. This phase is open to anyone for 20 working days.
  2. The second phase of further submissions is marked by a summary of submissions made in the first phase being publicly notified. Making a further submission is open to anyone who has an interest in the proposed plan change that is greater than the general public or represents a relevant aspect of the public interest. This phase lasts for 10 working days.

Read about how you can make a good submission.

Making a submission

Please use the appropriate form below when making a submission or further submission. We will accept these forms by post, email or hand delivery.

Submission form
Submission on publicly notified proposed District Plan change (PDF 48 kb)

Further submission form
Further submission on publicly notified proposed District Plan change (PDF 56 kb)