About the district plan

Find out about the District Plan and how to use it.

What's in the District Plan

The District Plan is the main document that sets the framework for managing land use and development within our city.

It contains objectives, policies and rules to address resource management issues such as the effects of land use and subdivision, noise and traffic.

The rules of the District Plan set out what activities you can do and what activities you'll need resource consent for.

These rules cover things like residential development, subdivision of land, the height and location of buildings, commercial and industrial developments, heritage and noise.

Note: The District Plan is going through a complete review. Find out more here.

How the District Plan is organised

To find out what provisions apply to a property or area, you can browse our District Plan by chapter.

You can also find the property or area that you're interested in within our District Plan maps.

Use these maps in conjunction with the objectives, policies and rules set down in the chapters of the District Plan.

Zoning maps from the District Plan
Browse chapters of the District Plan

Related documents

The District Plan is designed to align with other strategic policy documents agreed on and adopted by Council.

The key documents are our Long Term Plan, Annual Plan and the four key strategies that support Council’s vision and focus on our work in priority areas:

District Plan resources