Petone Wharf Rebuild

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Find out what we're doing to rebuild the Petone Wharf

The Petone Wharf has been an iconic feature of the foreshore since its completion in 1909 and has been well-loved by recreational users and beach goers long after its use for commercial shipping activities ceased.

The Wharf was closed to the public after the suffering earthquake damage in January 2021, which made the already compromised structure unsafe for public access, having already been damaged in the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake and reopening in 2017 after repair work was carried out.

Council has agreed to proceed with the Petone Wharf rebuild as part of the Hutt City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021/31, both as a guardian for local heritage sites and to provide a facility for the enjoyment of residents. We are working closely with mana whenua and the Petone Community Board and a budget of $21 million dollars has been allocated to the project over the next three years.

The original Wharf is a traditional hardwood timber structure. We will be exploring other materials for the structure in an effort to be more sustainable and to save on cost.

Read the detailed conservation report.

In late 2021 Calibre Consulting was commissioned to prepare a report investigating rebuild options. Three options are being progressed to detailed design and costings which will come back to Council in early 2023.

Read the Petone Wharf Rebuild Options report.