Test Banner Images

This facility is for the user to test how an image looks on various components on the HCC site

Enter an image URL e.g. https://i.picsum.photos/id/299/1600/420.jpg?hmac=m7hBlvE5bw-Psno3kXeeJCS9ZOtlMHjhnn2qumLBBrU into the field input, click the button and wait for a while for image to load


  • Recommended page banner dimensions to upload into Matrix is 1600 x 420
  • Resize your browser window to see how image looks at various breakpoints
  • When banners are uploaded into folder #2604, two varieties of the image is automatically created
    - 1600px wide (large variety)
    - 480px wide (small variety)
  • Varieties created will maintain aspect ratio (e.g. if a 1920 x 504 is uploaded, a 1600 x 420 large variety and a 480px x 126px is created
  • Large variety is used for Banner image
  • Small variety is used for Tile images
  • Expect top and bottom parts of the image to be cropped off when viewing at breakpoint beyond 1600px

Change Image

News Detail Banner

Hutt City Council logo banner image

News Landing Page Tile

Banner component