2022 Local Government Elections

Find out about the upcoming 2022 Local Government elections.

Key Dates

From 13 JulyElections will be advertised and nominations called.
15 JulyCandidate nominations open.
12 AugustCandidate nominations close at midday.
16 SeptemberVoter packs mailed out.
Voting opens.
8 OctoberVoting  closes at midday.
Progress result released during afternoon.
by 13 OctoberOfficial result released.

Elections will be held for

  • Mayor of Lower Hutt
  • 1 Western Ward Councillor
  • 1 Harbour Ward Councillor
  • 1 Northern Ward Councillor
  • 1 Central Ward Councillor
  • 1 Eastern Ward Councillor
  • 1 Wainuiomata Ward Councillor
  • 6 City-Wide Councillors
  • Eastbourne Community Board - 5 members
  • Petone Community Board - 6 members
  • Wainuiomata Community Board - 6 members

  • 3 Members from Lower Hutt

  • 2 Members from Lower Hutt

Council resolved last year to conduct a poll for which electoral system to use in the 2025 and 2028 local body elections. The poll will ask voters to choose between the First Past the Post (FPP) and Single Transferable Voting (STV) systems.

For the 2022 elections Hutt City Council, it's Community Boards and Hutt Mana Charitable Trust will use First Past the Post (FPP). Greater Wellington Regional Council elections use Single Transferable Voting (STV).

Pre-election report

Download the 2022 Hutt City Council pre-election report

Information about pre-election reports can be found on localcouncils.govt.nz

Information in accessible formats

Guides with general information about the 2022 local elections in accessible formats have been developed for people:

  • with low vision
  • who are deaf
  • with reading, learning or intellectual disabilities
GuideLarge Print FormatAudioEasy ReadSign Language
Enrolling and VotingRead the guideListen to the guideRead the guideWatch the guide
Standing as a CandidateRead the guideListen to the guide Watch the guide


Watch this video for more information on running for Council

Nominations are open from 9am, Friday 15 July to 12noon, Friday 12 August.

Elected members are responsible for

  • representing the interests of the council,
  • preparing and adopting the Long-Term Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Report,
  • setting rates and bylaws,
  • decision-making on regulatory matters,
  • setting strategies, policies and plans,
  • governing Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs),
  • consulting with and considering the views of local communities,
  • monitoring and reviewing the Council’s performance.

To stand for Council you need to

  • Be  a New Zealand citizen
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be enrolled to vote
  • Be nominated by two people (you cannot nominate yourself)
    • They must be aged over 18 and enrolled to vote in the ward or area where you are nominated
  • Complete and submit your nomination form
  • Provide a deposit of $200.

Things to note

  • You cannot stand for election to both the Hutt City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • You cannot stand for election in more than one ward or constituency of the same authority. eg. You cannot stand for election to Council in one of the Wards and the City at Large at the same time
  • You cannot have concerns or interests in contracts over $25,000 with the local authority. This may be waived if you get approval from the Office of the Auditor-General before standing.

Download the 2022 Candidate Handbook (PDF 3.79MB)

Nominations Received

Hutt City Council


Candidate NameAffiliation
Campbell Barry Labour
Falgoon Patel -
Tony Stallinger Independent United Hutt

Councillors - Council At Large

Candidate NameAffiliation
Mark Atkin Independent
Josh Briggs Independent
Brady Dyer Independent
Simon Edwards Independent
Mike Fisher Independent
Peter Fraser Independent United Hutt
Simon Gibbs Independent
Barbara Hay The  Opportunities Party (TOP)
Rachel Leamy -
Kari Lloyd Independent
Rob Macdonald Independent
John Middleton Independent United Hutt
Karen Morgan Independent
Chris Norton -
Prabha Ravi Independent United Hutt
Daniel Reurich Independent
Evelyn Joy Richter née CrichtonIndependent
Tony Stallinger Independent United Hutt
Phil StratfordIndependent
Gabriel Tupou Independent
Rosanna von Keisenberg Independent United Hutt
Jodie Winterburn Independent United Hutt
Karen (Kaz) Yung Independent

Councillor - Central Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Glenda Barratt Independent United Hutt
Steve Hockley -
Faran Shahzad Independent

Councillor - Eastern Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Jerry Gass -
Dave Harle Independent United Hutt
Andy Mitchell Independent

Councillor - Harbour Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Tui Lewis Independent
Petra Simm Independent United Hutt

Councillor - Northern Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Alice Claire Hurdle Independent United Hutt
Ashley Roper Independent
Naomi Shaw Independent

Councillor - Wainuiomata Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Keri Brown Labour
Phil Galley Independent United Hutt

Councillor - Western Ward

Candidate NameAffiliation
Sandra Greig Independent United Hutt
Chris Parkin -

Community Boards

Eastbourne Community Board

Candidate NameAffiliation
Travis Ancelet -
Susan Ewart -
Murray Gibbons -
Lesley Haines -
Emily Keddell Independent
Drew Mayhem Independent
Belinda Moss Independent
Bruce Spedding -
Frank Vickers -

Petone Community Board

Candidate NameAffiliation
Mike Fisher Independent
Sheree Freeman -
Simon Gibbs Independent
Mike Henderson Independent
Semi Kuresa Independent
Gus McMillan Independent
Matt Roberts -
Karen (Kaz) Yung Independent

Wainuiomata Community Board

Candidate NameAffiliation
Elle Abel Independent
Lesa Bingley Independent
Daniel Chrisp Independent
Leah Clark -
Tamsyn Harker -
Te Awa Puketapu Independent
Aneterea (Andrew) Sa'u Independent
Dallas Serj-Reilly Independent
Gary Sue -
Sisi Tuala-Le'afa -

Hutt Mana Charitable Trust (Lower Hutt)

Candidate NameAffiliation
Campbell Barry -
Quentin Duthie -
Sumati Govind -
Ken Laban Independent
Prue Lamason Balance and Experience
Max Shierlaw No Trustee Fees Transparent Grants
Tony Stallinger Stop all Trustee Fees