Heritage fund

Find out about the Built Heritage Incentive Fund that helps owners preserve, restore, and protect the heritage values of their buildings or structures.

  • funding is limited and we distribute it on a first come, first served basis
  • we reserve funding for buildings or structures that have demonstrable heritage value to the city
  • we prioritise projects that have a public profile and can be accessed by the public
  • you might have to make an agreement or meet certain funding conditions to get the funding
  • you'll have to verify your ownership of the building to get funding

We accept funding applications at any time of the year and can offer funding for up to half the value for things like:

  • specialist advice (including heritage, conservation, architectural, and structural)
  • conservation plans
  • building and resource consent fees
  • emergency building work
  • seismic strengthening work
  • conservation and restoration building work

We do not fund things like:

  • building administrative costs such as electricity, rates, or insurance
  • organisational costs such as salaries and wages
  • events and activities
  • booklets and publications

There is one funding round each year. Applications close on 28 February; you can apply online.

You can apply online.

Make sure you've:

  • read all the background information and criteria
  • checked that your project is eligible for funding
  • included the relevant supporting documentation
  • know the deadline
  • gone through the application checklist

  1. Complete your application through the online system.
  2. Attach a letter of community support for your organisation. This must be from someone not involved or connected in any way to your organisation. The letter should be signed, dated, and less than six months old.
  3. Have or be working towards legal status or be working under an umbrella organisation with legal status.

The Council will consider the following when assessing applications:

  • whether the application complies with the criteria and purposes of the Heritage Fund
  • whether the organisation or individual contributes to the outcomes in Lower Hutt
  • compatibility with community outcomes in our Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP)
  • level of compliance with any previous grant from Council
  • whether the organisation or individual can successfully deliver the service, demonstrated by:
    • the adequacy of the organisation's structures,
    • financial and management practices
    • previous track record for services or projects.
    • the organisation’s or individual’s compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.

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