New Skatepark for Avalon Park

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A new, state-of-the-art skatepark is being built at Avalon Park to provide the people of Lower Hutt a safe and modern space to skate, scooter and bike.

The new skatepark is being funded by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi through the Melling Transport Improvements (which are part of Te Wai Takamori o Te Awa Kairangi). The new park will replace the old Melling Skate Park, which will be demolished to make way for construction of the new Melling Interchange.

The new facility will be built by internationally renowned skatepark designers Convic, whose state-of-the art skating spaces are enjoyed throughout Australia, Dubai, China and in Auckland.

Avalon Skate park

The skatepark has incorporated features requested by the community during consultation and has been designed using local knowledge through a specialist advisory group comprising roller, scooter, BMX and skateboarding experts.

It will include six different skate zones that cater to beginner, intermediate and expert users and will include:

  • A mini bowl
  • Five different quarter pipes
  • Various rails, curbs and pole jams
  • A five-sided funbox with ledge
  • Weather shelters, park furniture and CCTV

When will the new skatepark be built?

Final timings are still being worked through, but we expected demolition of the existing facilities at Avalon Park, and construction of the new skatepark to begin late July 2024. It is scheduled to be open in Summer 2024/2025.

Why is the Melling Skatepark moving to Avalon?

As part of Te Wai Takamori o Te Awa Kairangi programme, the skatepark on Block Road, Melling, needs to be removed to make way for the construction of the new Melling Interchange.

To ensure the Lower Hutt community still has access to skate facilities, the skatepark at Avalon Park is being upgraded with a new state-of-the-art skatepark facilities.

Avalon 3D

The new facilities are being funded by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi.

Several locations in the CBD were investigated as potential places for the new skatepark, however none were deemed suitable due to the impact on flood management, future stopbank and roading works, overcommitted greenspaces in the CBD and impact on the community.

Avalon Park was deemed the strongest option as plans were already in place to upgrade the skating facilities under the park’s Reserves Management Plan. It is already a recreational destination with existing skate facilities and space for further development. It is also well served by public transport and has parking available.