Fire permits

If you want to light an outdoor fire in Lower Hutt, check if you need a fire permit.

Rules around lighting fires in Hutt City

If you want to light an open fire on public conservation land (or, in some cases, within one kilometre of public conservation land) you will need to obtain a fire permit from the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Get in touch with your local DOC office to check whether you can light an open fire at your particular location or to apply for a fire permit.

If the place where you want to have a bonfire is not public conservation land, you can visit the Fire and Emergency Services website to check the fire ban / permit status of any rural area in the country, and to apply for a permit if necessary.

You still need to comply with your local council burning restrictions, including any requirements relating to smoke nuisance and controls under the Resource Management Act - even if you are issued a fire permit by Fire and Emergency.

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