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Find out about how to book a sportsground in Hutt City and how much it costs.

You can book a sportsground in two ways:

  1. Complete the online booking form
  2. Email

Note: All Hutt City parks and reserves are completely smoke-free. Do not smoke in these areas.

One-off or single day hire

We charge 10 per cent of the season charge per game, or 15 per cent of the season charge per day if the game lasts three hours or longer.

Special events charges

We charge fees for hiring out sportsgrounds for events and other special events. Our fees and charges include goods and services tax (GST).



Events and commercial operators

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Picnic bookings (30 or more people)


Filming per hour


Marquees for picnics/promotions - small


Marquees for picnics/promotions - up to 50m²


Marquees for picnics/promotions - up to 100m²


Marquees for picnics/promotions - larger




Hire of rooms, social facilities and training fields

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No. 1 field at Hutt Recreation Ground

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Note: We give priority to season-long bookings over casual bookings.

You need council permission to run a commercial activity or sell items from a sportsground.

To get permission, get in touch with us to discuss your booking request. We may give you a booking confirmation letter of approval for a short-term event, or you may have to apply for a formal license.

You also need council permission to selling things like food and drink from a sportsground.  Depending on what you're planning to sell, you may need to apply for a concession licence.

A number of concession licences are in existence for sports parks, the Petone and Eastbourne foreshore and Avalon Park. Get in touch to tell us about your event and we can let you know what you need to do.

Sportsgrounds are occasionally closed because of bad weather, maintenance or club bookings. Get the most up-to-date information on closures and cancellations by contacting us directly.

Telephone: 04 568 7400

Online: Sportsground closure status

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