Housing Research

Find out about our housing strategy for Hutt City.

About our housing research

The following documents analyse housing demand and supply in Hutt City. They show that Council and the community need to develop a housing strategy and support the full review of the District Plan for other long-term planning.

A prosperous and vibrant Hutt City depends on having a good supply of housing for new and existing residents, and a wide range of housing types suitable for people at different stages of their lives.

We currently have insufficient greenfield (undeveloped) land for housing development and a narrow range of housing types, particularly for those approaching retirement and young couples looking for an affordable first home.

As a result, renters and house buyers have been experiencing declining housing affordability for several years.

Hutt City Housing Needs Report (PDF 2.3 MB)

Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment (PDF 1.3 MB)