Find out about how our stormwater system manages rainwater runoff to protect our environment and property from flooding and damage.

How we manage stormwater

Stormwater is water that runs off surfaces such as roads, driveways, footpaths and rooftops. It travels down gutters, into sumps and enters the stormwater network where it's discharged untreated into harbours and streams. We have 100% compliance with Resource Management Act consent conditions.

While our stormwater system meets national standards, but we can’t always beat the weather. There will be times when our stormwater system will have insufficient capacity and flooding will happen, however:

  • the stormwater service to your property will be available at least 99.9% of the time
  • interruptions to the stormwater service to individual properties will not exceed 24 hours at any one time.

You own and are responsible for all drains, pipe work and plumbing which service your property and which are upstream of the point of service. But we can help you with the following:

  • We’ll notify all property owners or occupiers at least 24 hours before starting planned maintenance or upgrades that may affect them.
  • We’ll give advance notice to property owners or occupiers before urgent work is carried out on private property, and we will also give written notification of the work.
  • We’ll reinstate any private property disturbed by us or our contractors. This will be done to a standard as close as practical to that existing before the work was carried out.
  • We’ll help you to locate public or private stormwater pipelines within your property.

Note: Employees and contractors of Hutt City Council and Capacity will carry identification. They must show you this if they need to enter your property.

Where to find the ‘point of service’

Our point of service for stormwater services is the junction connection on the council main (pipeline). Where a property is serviced by a pipeline draining to the road kerb, the point of service is the road kerb.

We’re responsible for maintaining the stormwater system up to and including the point of service.

  • We’ll respond to urgent work requirements within an hour. Urgent work is the non-availability of wastewater service, and significant health, safety and/or environmental risk)
  • We’ll respond to non-urgent work requirements within 24 hours. Non-urgent work is nuisance or partial disruption to stormwater service.
  • We’ll respond to routine work requirements and enquiries within five working days.

Service2023/2024 Fees
Stormwater connection application fee $130.00
Stormwater connection fee Actual cost to approved contractors