Pest plant programme

Pest plants or weeds are a threat to our native plants and animals. Find out about the programmes we have to help keep these problem plants in check.

Hutt City weeds

Although a weed is just a plant in the wrong place, what we call weeds are typically rapidly growing, invasive species that tend to overtake and exclude the desired plants.

In our bush reserves, the only desired plants are local indigenous species. Greater Wellington Regional Council does extensive prioritisation about what weeds need to be controlled and Hutt City Council follows their guidance.

Our city and its reserves have their own weeds that aren’t necessarily a priority for the whole region.

For at least the last 20 years Lower Hutt has been waging war on a particularly nasty invader: Old Man’s Beard or Clematis vitalba.

This work has been very effective in our city, and there are some people who still remember the “massive curtains” that used to smother our native bush.

Pest Plant Programme weed list

The Pest Plant Programme has expanded and today we have five species on the list of plants that we control.

The five weeds we control at no cost to you are:

  • old Man’s Beard
  • cathedral Bells
  • banana Passionfruit
  • climbing Asparagus
  • pampas

If you have any of these weeds on your property, we can send someone to remove them for free.

It will then go onto our monitoring program and we will return annually to ensure the infestation has not returned.

After five years, if it is still clear, we can schedule one last visit in another five years to be absolutely certain the control has worked.

Boundary Weed Control

  • Hutt City Council aims to control weeds in our bush reserves. We focus on controlling the most damaging species.
  • we provide a service to landowners whose boundaries are shared with our reserves.
  • if weeds are encroaching from bush reserves, or have become a fire hazard, we will clear the boundary of weeds.
  • if the areas are large enough we will replant appropriately-sized, ecosourced native species.
  • to report a boundary weed problem, use Report a Problem.

For more information

Greater Wellington’s Regional Pest Management Plan

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