COVID-19 recovery business activation grants announced

Jackson Street, Petone. Shoppers crossing road banner image

Published: 9 June 2022

Hutt City Council has announced a $150,000 fund to help attract customers back to hospitality and retail centres in Lower Hutt.

Grants will be available to help create and boost events, activities, and any other ideas businesses may have in order to bring people into the city, add vibrancy and benefit businesses in the local area.

Mayor Campbell Barry says that this will be a help to businesses who have suffered the recent impacts of COVID-19.

“Like many areas across the country, we have businesses in Lower Hutt that have been hit hard by COVID-19. This fund gives hospitality operators, retailers, and business organisations across the city the opportunity to access funding specifically for events and activities that will attract more customers and benefit the local business area.

“We’re open to all ideas on what this could look like – whether that be collaborations between businesses and local musicians and artists for a special event or experience, or simply boosting the marketing effort for an existing event to draw a bigger audience,” says Campbell Barry.

“This is a fantastic initiative by the Hutt City Council” says Patrick McKibbin, Chief Executive of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“Supporting activity that will bring people into retail and hospitality businesses across our community over the coming months is very welcome. Bring on the great ideas.”

Businesses can apply via an online form at will be considered on a first-in-first-served basis until 31 August 2022 or until the fund is fully allocated, whichever is earlier.

Businesses can contact Hutt City Council on 570 6666, or email with any questions and assistance with applications.