Fraser Park wins Cricket Wellington’s ‘Ground of the Year'

Picture of sports ground with building in the background banner image

Published: 5 May 2022

Fraser Park has been awarded Cricket Wellington’s ‘Ground of the Year’ for the 2021-22 season.

Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry says the award shows Fraser Park continues to be a top-quality sports facility for Lower Hutt and the region.

“While this award may seem like a Boult from the blue, it’s well known in the Hutt that Fraser Park Cricket Ground is like a gift from Santner Claus and it’s rewarding to see it appreciated by Cricket Wellington,” says Campbell.

“The passion and care taken by our groundskeepers to Taylor the pitch and grounds shows how it has helped the likes of Taita Cricket Club Kane their competition, and allowed other sports people to enjoy one of the most Devine sports hubs in the region.”

The Cricket ground and wider park has been maintained in partnership with Wellington company Mexted Sports Turf, who have been delivering and maintaining top quality grounds across Lower Hutt.

Mexted’s brought Fraser Park Cricket ground up to prime condition during the 2021 Winter, collaborating across the organisation throughout the construction process and getting it ready in time for summer.

Cricket Wellington’s Ground of the Year is selected based on written feedback and ratings from both captains and umpires given weekly throughout the season.

This season one senior umpire commented Fraser Park “looked like a first class standard pitch. One of the best club level pitches I have seen in some years.”

At 27 Hectares Fraser Park is the largest sporting ground in the Lower North Island. It includes a multipurpose facility Ricoh Sports Centre, finished in 2018.