Walter Mildenhall Park – trees to be removed

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Published: 27 February 2023

As progress continues on the new Naenae Pool and Fitness Centre, work will begin later this week to remove several at risk large trees in Walter Mildenhall Park. They will be replaced with younger healthy native species once the project is further progressed.

Council has worked with the Pool Designers, Parks and Reserves, the construction team and the Community Advisory Group on a series of options trying to keep at least some of the trees in place. However, the latest arborist report shows due to the health of the trees it is unlikely all would survive the upcoming work needed.

The decision to remove the trees was made in consultation with the Community Advisory Group for the project. Over time the trees will be replaced by native tree species that connect and represent the Naenae environment and culture. The new trees will be resilient to pruning, allowing for lifted canopies, creating more light across the space and improving safety for pedestrians.

The preference is for large, long-lived trees to be planted with adequate spacing throughout the park as a legacy for the future, and the creation of a pleasant woodland/forest of native trees in the park area at the rear of the pool.

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First published: 30 June 2022. Image updated: 27 February 2023.