Share the space – campaign to promote considerate use of shared paths and roads this summer

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Published: 15 February 2022

Hutt City Council is encouraging residents and visitors to use Lower Hutt’s shared paths and roads considerately this summer.

A campaign promoting the considerate use of footpaths, shared paths, cycleways and roads in Lower Hutt, will appear on Council social media channels, billboards and bus backs over the coming weeks.

The campaign coincides with the time of year these paths are used the most and raises awareness of looking out for others by being patient and predictable.

"Lower Hutt has a number of accessible cycleways and shared paths and it’s important we can all enjoy them confidently. We’re encouraging people to share the space, be patient and predictable when moving around our city," says Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry.

"We want to ensure that our tamariki grow up feeling comfortable moving around our city. We all move at different speeds and in different ways, so please remember to pass slower travellers safely, watch out for trip hazards like dog leashes, and give people the space they need."

Back to School

The campaign coincides with the return of tamariki to schools, encouraging the use of paths as a way of being active while promoting awareness of sharing the space.

"Travelling actively to school is fun, healthy and helps to teach tamariki independence and road safety skills," says Hutt City Council Head of Transport, Jon Kingsbury.

"As roads become busy during both morning and evening commutes, it’s important for road users to be aware of the space and how you they can share it. This might be practising the route to school with your children, choosing a safe drop off space, or planning ahead to avoid busy routes or times, whether driving or travelling actively."

There are some key tips that can help you share our spaces in Te Awakairangi:

Share the space, be patient and predictable

Look out for others - on the road, the footpath, or the cycleway - if you’re moving faster than the person you’re passing, make sure to slow down while overtaking and give as much space as you can.

Be patient - it is scary to be passed closely by fast-moving things that are bigger than you. It’s even worse for children still a bit wobbly on their wheels, and for older people who haven’t heard you coming. Slow down, give space, and let them know you’re coming if you can.

If you’re moving slowly with friends, make sure to leave space to let others pass.

Be predictable - hold your line of travel, and if you’re turning, make sure to signal and give others warning that you’re about to change direction.

Tips for sharing the space, being patient and considerate, are available on our website.

Information on road safety around schools can also be found on our website.