Road safety around schools

Find out how we work with our community, the New Zealand Police and Greater Wellington Regional Council to keep people safe on the roads around schools.

Road safety around schools

According to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), Pedestrians are most at risk of being injured at school peak times (7am - 9am and 2pm - 4pm).

Because of this, we run a number of road safety projects and activities involving primary and secondary schools.

We help make our streets as safe as possible around schools by:

  • creating safer active transport routes,
  • supporting school road patrols,
  • creating safe drop-off/pickup locations,
  • managing and enforcing safe parking on nearby streets,
  • improving safety at crossing points,
  • reducing speeds around schools

Speed limit around schools

In 2023 Hutt City Council approved changes to speed limits around 43 suburban schools and signage is changing to either fixed (permanent) speed limits of 30 km/hr or variable limits of 30 km/hr that apply during school pick and drop off time. The nine remaining schools in the CBD area will have their speed limits reduced at a later date. See for more information.

Active travel for better safety

Active travel is walking, biking, scooters and skateboards to move around the city.

We encourage active travel for trips to and from school to reduce traffic chaos around school entrances. Active travel also has benefits to children’s health and well being and helps reduce carbon emissions.

If you'd like our help setting up walking school buses and to run ‘Walk to school’ promotion days, let us know.

We focus on active travel during Movin’ March and encourage all our primary and intermediate schools to join this region-wide initiative.

Bikes in schools

Free bike skills training is available to Hutt City schools. Training is delivered by Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Pedal Ready Programme.

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