EV charging locations

Find out where you can charge your electric vehicle in Hutt City.

Where to find EV charging spaces

Charging your electric vehicle (EV) in our city is quick and easy! There are EV charging locations available throughout Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai /  Lower Hutt. We've partnered with Meridian Energy to bring charging stations to:

  • Avalon Park, 2 Fairway Drive, 5011
  • Moerā Neighbourhood Hub, 107 Randwick Crescent, Moera 5010
  • Seaview Marina, 100 Port Road, 5010
  • Stokes Valley Community Hub, 186 Stokes Valley Road 5019
  • Wainuiomata Community Hub, 1 Queen Street, 5014
  • Walter Nash Centre, 22/26 Taine Street, Taitā 5011

Most Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai / Lower Hutt residents now live within 3-4km of an EV charging station. You can find more EV charging stations via www.plugshare.com

Note: You should only park in EV charging spaces if you're charging an EV car.  If you park in an EV charging space with a regular car, you might receive a fine.

How to use an EV charger

There are a few types of chargers, but they all work similarly.

  1. Find a charging station
  2. Plug in your vehicle
  3. Start your session via the app, QR code or fob
  4. Monitor your charging session via the app
  5. Unplug and move your car as soon as you’re done, as overstaying fees may apply

Pricing and Rates

Prices are set by the operator  and may differ depending on location.

Our charging stations

Hutt City Council’s EV charging stations are operated under Meridian Energy’s Zero brand, and were installed with co-funding from the Government’s Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF), administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

Since 1 May 2024, the use of Hutt City’s Council's fast-charging DC charging stations costs 31c/kWh, with an idle fee of 15c/min kicking in 10 minutes after the vehicle has finished charging. So if your vehicle is nearly empty when you plug in and you charge your vehicle for 40 minutes (enough for about 100km of travel), it will cost around $5.

Why use an EV?

EVs emit 80% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle, so using an EV are effective actions to tackle the causes of climate change. The accessibility and value of our EV chargers will play a part in that.

Want to reduce emissions even further? You could always give a bike / electric bike a spin!

Contact details

Email: Parking.Staff@huttcity.govt.nz