High Street Intersection Upgrades

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High St Intersection Upgrades

Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt is seeing an increase in our population. We will have more people moving around the city, and more pressure on our existing transport system. We need a transport network that is safe, efficient, connects communities, provides access to social opportunities, contributes to the growth of the economy, and enables people to thrive.

Project update

Boulcott and High Streets
Our intention was to complete construction before the end of this year, however due to further design review and technical elements, the intersection upgrade has been delayed. Construction will now take place in early 2024. We will be in touch once a start date has been confirmed, along with other key milestones, so all affected parties can be prepared for disruptions.
Mitchell and High Streets
This project has now been deferred so we can coordinate with other works planned in the area, to minimise disruption to the community. This means that this construction will no longer occur this financial year. Once we have more information on this project timeframe, we will further communicate on this matter.
Thank you for your patience and support while we are finalising the design and review of the project for High St. and Boulcott St intersection upgrade.

About the project

After consideration of development in this area, growing congestion and future growth, Council has assessed that improvements to intersections are needed to improve traffic flow and safety for all road users.

The intersections of Mitchell & High Street and Boulcott & High Street have been identified as two key areas in need of upgrades.

High Street is a key connector that passes through several communities. These intersections are tricky to navigate safely for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Congestion at peak times make them difficult to travel through.

With traffic engineering expertise, we have developed a plan that includes adding traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossings to both intersections as the best option to ensure safety and manage traffic congestion.


  • Safe navigation and dedicated traffic light phases for side road traffic leaving both intersections
  • Safe signal-controlled pedestrian crossings on all sides
  • Ability to cope with traffic growth and future needs


  • Adding traffic lights to the intersection
  • Adding a raised intersection platform
  • New accessibility ramps/footpath
  • Traffic signs with ‘30km/h’ entry


  • Replacing the existing zebra crossings with signalised crossings
  • Adding two new carparks
  • Removing 10 carparks

Boulcott Street intersection

If you have any questions regarding these plans, please email us contact@huttcity.govt.nz


We need to remove carparks to allow appropriate space for motorist’s manoeuvres/navigation, installation of signal poles, installation of raised intersection platforms, and a new accessible ramp/footpath.

Boulcott Street: We will be removing 10 existing car parks (red) and adding two new spaces (blue)

  • Five carparks outside Hutt Hospital (High Street)
  • Three carparks outside Twist Café (High Street)
  • Two carparks outside Brew’d Boulcott (Boulcott Street)
  • Two new parks outside Hutt Hospital (High Street)

Boulcott Street

Mitchell Street: We will be removing 10 existing car parks (red)

  • Five carparks outside After-Hours Medical, Burger Wisconsin and Pepe’s Pizza Parlour (High Street)
  • Two carparks outside Bella Vita Hairdressing/Gifts on High/Reel Fish (702 High Street)
  • Two carparks outside properties 706/708 High Street
  • One carpark outside properties 684/696 High Street as the existing bus stop (8224 Boulcott Village) needs to be moved slightly forward.

Mitchell Street

Pending confirmation of contractors, we expect construction to start late October 2023 and finish in January 2024. However, given the importance of this corridor we will carefully consider timeframes to keep construction impacts to a minimum.

Based on traffic modelling we don't expect these interventions to create a delay, but they will reduce wait time for those entering High Street from Boulcott & Mitchell Streets. The upgraded intersections will allow for safe navigation and dedicated phases for side road traffic, safe pedestrian crossings on all sides, and the ability to cope with traffic growth.

The 8224 Boulcott Village bus stop near the Mitchell Street intersection will move slightly south to allow for the intersection upgrade.  The carpark outside of 684/696 High Street will be removed to allow for this.

There is no impact to the 8123 Hutt Hospital bus stop on High Street.